Army Public School attack: Ahmed Ali Shah – age 13

Son of Khalid Mehmood (late) and Jameela KosarSiblings: Mohammad Ahmed (12)Ahmed was wise behind his years, his...
Updated 15 Dec, 2015 09:47pm

Son of Khalid Mehmood (late) and Jameela Kosar

Siblings: Mohammad Ahmed (12)

Ahmed was wise behind his years, his mother says. Possibly because he lost his father when he was 4-years-old.

He had assumed a tremendous responsibility at a young age, as a result of which, unlike other children his age, he would not ask his mother to buy him anything. Even out at restaurants, Ahmed would pick cheaper food off the menu because he did not want to financially burden his single mother. Despite this, Ahmed always had a smile on his face, it seemed to be content with life.

Bright and studious, Ahmed had a beautiful singing voice. He was often called upon to recite Naaths. He was also learning to play tennis.

He would detail his future plans to his mother; he wanted to become an auto engineer. He would sketch car designs and tell his mother he would someday turn these sketches into real cars.

His mother says he was an old soul, and because of his love for poetry, his mother would often lovingly refer to him as Shair, Ashfaq Ahmed.

After his father, he took care of me, his mother says.

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