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From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1943: Seventy-five years ago: Italian surrender

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MADRAS: Commenting on the Italian surrender, “The Indian Express” says: For the people of Italy the war of aggression in co-operation with Germany has been turned into war for Liberation against Germany. The English and American forces will very soon be nearer the land frontiers of Germany than the Russians are.

The “Free Press” says: Whatever the future status of Italy, the undesirability of making Italy a neutral country at the present time must not be overlooked. Through Italy a vital blow on Germany must be struck and the Allied operations must be such that a substantial portion of Hitler’s army is diverted to the south to relieve pressure on the Russian army.

“The Italian surrender is tremendous news which hastens the end of the war by at least six months” writes the Calcutta Muslim evening daily “Star of India”.

The “Statesman” in a leader refers ‘inter alia’ to the “far-reaching implications” of the Italian surrender upon campaigning prospects in South-East Asia and says: “The global balance of naval power should be revolutionised.”

The “Hindu” (Madras) says: “Hitler has every reason to rue the exit of the junior Axis partner, especially when he is soon made to realise that from Italian bases the Allies will strike not only at the Balkans, but into the heart of his homeland.” — Dawn Delhi

Published in Dawn, September 11th, 2018

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