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FROM THE PAST PAGES OF DAWN: 1943: Seventy-five years ago: Doctor’s evidence

Dawn Delhi

BOMBAY: Dr. Dinshaw M. Masina who dressed Mr. Jinnah’s wounds after he was attacked by the alleged assailant Rafiq Sabir Mazangavi gave evidence today [Sept 8] when further hearing of the case resumed before Mr. Oscar Brown, Chief Presidency Magistrate of Bombay.

The doctor deposed that he was telephonically summoned to Mr. Jinnah on July 26. He found Mr. Jinnah sitting on a bed and a police officer was by his side talking to him. He temporarily bandaged Mr. Jinnah’s wounds. There was a small puncture at the lower jaw of Mr. Jinnah and a few fibres of the cheek muscles were cut. The wound was bleeding and he saw blood stains on Mr. Jinnah’s coat, shirt, collar and tie. Witness was of opinion that if the weapon had fallen half an inch below the cheek the patient would have been killed. Mr. Jinnah also had a lineal cut about one and half inches long at the bend of his palm. Fortunately the cut was only skin deep.

To a question by the Magistrate, witness replied that he found Mr. Jinnah “quite composed, perfectly calm and courageous in spite of the attack. He was not at all nervous”. Witness also suggested to the police officer present to have the knife examined to find out if it was poisoned.

Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2018

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