A need for uniform education system

14 Apr 2008


HAVE we ever considered why we as Pakistanis do not agree or stand united on any national issue, whatsoever?

In my opinion there is one major reason for it, i.e. there is no uniform education system with clear and defined national goals and requirements.

Time and again, many concerned educationists have reminded the nation of the importance of a uniform educational system which is developed on national lines to achieve national goals of progress, prosperity and solidarity.

Their suggestions, however, have proved only a cry in the wilderness and those who are at the helm of public affairs and hold the ruling sceptre are not ready to pay heed to such a core issue which is decimating the nation every day.

There remains no doubt that the ruling lot, that ends up grabbing every source and resource of the nation, actually does not want to rid the nation of this vicious circle that continues to produce generations with indifferent minds, unable and unwilling to reconcile on any issue.

And this is because those who matter have been brought up and educated on a different curriculum, seeking different set of goals without much regard for the objectives for which Pakistan was created.

The fall of Dhaka in 1971 was reflection of this aberration from the basis of Pakistan.

If we really want to resolve our day-to-day issues - sectarianism, political and social dichotomy, the widening gap between the poor and the rich, and lack of national consensus over various socio-political and economic issues in the country and want to avoid a polarised society that is bound to lead to total destruction, we will have to form a uniform national education policy and set up such public sector schools where the children of both the rich and the poor are educated under one roof.

The sooner we realised the gravity of the situation and the ills that have been created due to multiple systems of education prevalent in the country and introduce a uniform system of education to meet clear national goals, the better.

Otherwise, the chasm that has been created between the rich and the poor, the reign of terror that has set in, the events of looting and snatching that have started and the murmuring of the poor that has taken the form of open threats will continue to rise and expand.

Therefore, to avoid an untoward situation, those who are at the helm of public affairs must understand the need of a uniform education system.