Syed Muhammad Taqi: a forgotten hero

April 10, 2009


I was browsing through the Internet when a name caught my attention Syed Muhammad Taqi, a renowned Pakistani philosopher. As I read more about him, I was astonished to know that during his time wherever serious dialogue on knowledge was done, he was called on as chairperson.

Moreover in an international conference on philosophy held at Mexico in the 1990's, Syed Muhammad Taqi was invited to preside over the conference. Apart from this, a delegate of Nobel Prize winner scientists arranged a meeting with him to validate their theories with the art of philosophy.

Furthermore, he wrote a number of globally accredited books and out of them he wrote, “Tarikh aur Kainat Mera Nazriya” which he considered as the soul of his work.

Unfortunately, when I searched that book, I came to know that it has not been republished since its first publication in 1974.

I somehow managed to find that book in LUMS library but it was shocking to find that a book which is the soul of such a revolutionary writer was issued for the first time, since it reached the library in 1982.

Finally on behalf of this newspaper I request to the authorities that not only to introduce our heroes with the nation but also to promote them or else we will have to travel centuries to hunt for a hero. The first step in this regard could be to republish this book with due promotion through media.

Lecturer agri-economics,
College of Agriculture,
Dera Ghazi Khan