THER are many days to mourn in the history of Pakistan, but April 13 will be remembered as the darkest day in the annals of Pakistan's history.

This is when collectively, except for a few brave lawmakers, the nation through its representatives chose to surrender before the army of marauders, barbarians and to those who have a very narrow interpretation of Islam, its values and the teachings of our Holy Prophet.

This is in line with our famous 'Doctrine of Necessity', when we simply put our heads in the sand. This is in line with our 62 years of history of ad hocism, accepted by our civil services, and now even by our legislature. The so-called champions of democracy didn't even think for a second that the essence of democracy which means the will of the people has been compromised. Nobody ever thought it prudent to ask as to what is the will of the people of Malakand and Swat, who are constantly living in fear. Some even chose to migrate in this land of the pure for safer locations.

But instead they chose to thrust upon the people of Swat and Malakand the regulation, without their consent and will, assuming that this will bring peace to the other parts of the country.

This is simply done because all our institutions, in totality, have failed to thwart the menace of extremism and terrorism, due to their false agenda of national security and complete inefficiency and ineffectiveness in dealing with this menace.

The Swat peace deal accord simply surrenders a part of the country and its living inhabitants to the gallows of religious bigotry, narrow-mindedness and hatred in the name of Islam.

On top of it, the narrowest interpretation is astounding when there is punishment to the citizens of the valley under the qazi courts, but when it comes to punishment for crimes committed by their own militants, they enjoy immunity under the Islamic law.




THE recent surrender in Swat and the signing up of Nizam-i-Adl speaks volumes about the erosion of the writ and authority of the state. Today it is Swat, tomorrow it will be Haripur and very soon the capital of Islamabad.

We must wake up now to ascertain the realities around us, otherwise it will be too late.

We must fight the Taliban and the lead role must be taken by our Army. They have taken the oath to protect the country from internal as well as from external threats. Surrendering now would be a disservice to the many who laid their lives while protecting this country from the Taliban.



“Taliban announce ban on the show of weapons in Swat” that was the breaking news when the Shariah law was signed by the president.

This just shows that the writ of the government has not been established and the Taliban still rule the roost. The government has given up their territory to the Taliban.

I just feel sorry for my Swati sisters.




THE qazi courts have started working with full authority after approval of Nizam-i-Adl regulation for Malakand division.

The Shariah courts started working with limited authority in Barrikot, Kabal, Matta, Khawazakhel, Bahrain and Babuzai tehsils of Swat.

However, after approval of the Nizam-i-Adl regulation, qazi courts have now full authority of decisions and decisions will be given according to Shariah.

Sufi Muhammad said that after the signatures of President Zardari he hoped Taliban should also leave their present position.

This is very good news for the people of Swat, as well as for all other citizens of Pakistan. We hope that the Switzerland of Pakistan will once again be full of tourists and peace will ensure more beauty of this lovely place.




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