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Imran Khan recovering from fall

May 09, 2013

I AM glad that Imran Khan is recovering from head and back injuries. I hope the guards who fell with him are okay as well. There are no media reports about them.

Political parties have called off public campaigning for May 8 as a mark of solidarity with him. This is a sign of political maturity.

The fact that political parties have set aside differences and united to allow the political process to move forward is commendable. It was this process that gave us the devolution of power, a national finance commission award, power to the provinces, accepting the Supreme Court judgment on removal of a prime minister without calling for street protests.

Moving forward, let’s hope that we have a strong opposition and enforcement of accountability to curb the corruption that plagued us.

I hope the democratic process is allowed to continue to evolve even after the elections. There will be nothing to hold back the amazing potential Pakistan has.

It has always been the hiccups that have stalled the democratic process while army interventions have ruined it.


An absolute rise

I HAVE not been able to register this rather unusual fall of Imran Khan. The last person who boarded the lifter was losing his balance and seemed eventually responsible for that sudden fall.

Why was a third guard boarding when there were already two guards on that small platform? This should be thoroughly investigated by the law-enforcement authorities.


Lack of organisation

THE fall of Imran Khan from a stopgap lifter, which was carrying him to the elevated stage set up for his speech, reflects very poorly on the discipline and organisation in the lower tiers of the party.

The fact is that Imran Khan is a national asset and treasure and must be guarded and protected. He is one of the very few Pakistanis we can be proud of.

Irrespective of his future performance in the elections, the very fact that he is trying his very best to win the elections and bring about a change to improve the lives of the masses is indeed commendable.

Imran Khan has once again shown his courage of conviction, patriotism and dedication to the national cause. In spite of his pain and serious injury he has given a very compassionate and touching message to the voters from his hospital bed to vote for change.


Safety standards

AS a security expert I have been involved in many differences with security personnel whose security measures compromised safety of operations.

The same happened here in Lahore on the fateful evening when overzealous guards tried to climb on to the so-called lifter which was transporting Mr Khan to the stage.

It is sad that such unsafe arrangements had been made to transport the leader of the party which claims to have the most educated leaders leading it.

One of its senior leaders has headed an organisation which is famous for its health, safety and environmental standards. All parties should make arrangements for the safety of its leaders, as well as for the people attending the rallies.

Even the rudimentary standards of safety as outlined in the Factories Act 1934 are not complied with respect to fire safety. Many fires and other disasters could be avoided if the basic safety rules are followed.

The recent building collapse in Bangladesh and the Baldia Town fire are living examples of non-compliance of safety procedures.

Basic safety should be part of curricula in schools just like emergency response drills are made part of the school regimen in some of the top schools in Karachi.