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Impartiality of caretakers

March 31, 2013

THE showdown for the selection of a caretaker prime minister has shown the real face of our mainstream political parties. When political parties do not trust each other, how do they expect the nation to trust them?

What a pity that they failed to choose a caretaker prime minister themselves.

It means we are a nation without statesman or women of substance. The former judges have some reputation but political parties have no person of repute for such a job.

In India, they have great politicians-cum-statesman and women whom the nation trusts.

Former judges and generals are not on their list of statesmen. They believe in democracy. Here politicians compromise on national interest.

In this scenario, the nation can only trust the Election Commission of Pakistan under the guidance of Fakruddin G. Ibrahim.

Like all other Pakistanis, I hope the ECP will testify and vet the candidature of all candidates for the general elections. It is a gigantic task but the nation’s only hope rests with the ECP.


Polls clearing confusion A REMARKABLE section of our society is unable to decide whether they should cast their vote or not. If the answer is yes, then the question arises that for which political party they should go. If they are reluctant to use the right of vote, then how can we make them understand the importance of their vote? The problem is serious. The reasons behind the problem are our vested interests, caste system, superficial knowledge of politics, increasing political parties, turncoat politicians, dark years of dictatorship, immature democracy, failure of mainstream political parties to deliver, illiteracy, etc.

All these causes cannot be rooted out within a short time. But pragmatic and feasible techniques may be adopted to encourage society to participate in the coming elections.

First, political parties, media and the Election Commission of Pakistan should launch a fascinating campaign by using modern techniques.

Second, educated people and political experts must guide those who do not know the worth of their votes, which can bring about a revolution.

Third, the media can guide the people to the right track through their manifesto-oriented writings. There is a dire need for creating awareness among people about what is a good manifesto, its importance in politics, its impact on health, education, economy, energy sector, political system and all other important departments. Finally, the track record and impact of policies of the ruling parties must be kept in mind.

Wisdom and sincerity of political parties which have not been in power can be determined by studying their manifesto and assessing the feasibility of their policies. All of us will have to play a constructive role in this regard.


Website not uploaded WE were delighted when the Election Commission of Pakistan said that full details of every contestant would be made available on the ECP website. This was the primary promise to the people of Pakistan. The ECP officials appeared on TV and further confirmed this resolve.

The Supreme Court on at least two occasions also asked the ECP to make this information accessible to the people on the website. The ECP secretary made a false statement to the Supreme Court that this would be done.

The fact is that not only that the ECP has failed to place the details of nomination forms submitted by the contestants but there is also no movement towards accomplishing this task.

Despite repeated statements from the Supreme Court for taking action against fake degree-holders and dual nationals, the ECP could not disqualify even a single candidate on its own.

The ECP seems to have no idea of the self-executing clauses of the law that allow the ECP to take disqualification actions on its own and send the cases to other trial courts for punishment purposes only.

Clearly the bureaucrats of the ECP have managed to dodge the CEC and not implemented any of his orders.

The ECP secretary should be asked to undertake all these actions immediately.