KARACHI, March 26: The Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (Piler) on Tuesday deposited $750,000 in the account of the Sindh High Court nazir on a directive of the SHC commission headed by retired Justice Rahmat Hussain Jafery for distribution among families of the victims of Ali Enterprises.

Piler received the amount from the German garments buyer, KiK Textilien, after it had signed an agreement with the buyer to compensate in cash those affected families who have still not received any compensation from the government or any other source.

Piler through an application had requested the SHC to form a commission for the payment of compensation to the affected families. Subsequently, the commission was constituted and it started functioning by late February. The commission invited applications through newspaper advertisements and currently it is finalising the list of the beneficiaries.

Under the agreement between Piler and KIK Textilien, it was agreed that those who did not receive any sort of compensation in cash will be supported in the first step. In the next step, a framework will be developed for long-term relief for all, including assistance for the families of the deceased and unemployment allowance for the survivors.

Piler had received an initial amount of $250,000 that it deposited in the SHC account. The remaining amount of $750,000 was deposited in the account on Tuesday soon after it was received.—PPI