Thousands attend nature carnival

February 24, 2013


ISLAMABAD, Feb 24: About 15,000 children and their parents participated in an “Environment nature carnival” in F-9 Park on Sunday and collected information about climate, and hazards related to environmental degradation.

The event was organised by a private company and Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) aimed at educating the citizens about the importance of climate safety and a pollution-free society.

As many as 95 stalls were established by different educational institutions.

The students were briefed about four months back to work on different themes regarding environment and during the carnival they displayed their gadgets and briefed visitors about them.

The themes given to the students were safety of dolphins, energy conservation, recycling of wastes, etc. The students showcased their ideas for conservation of environment and climate safety.

They presented their practical concepts of green environment through different projects to create awareness about protecting natural climate and eliminating pollution.

Sanwal Nasir Gil, 14, a student of Pre O Level at Elite International School F-10/3, displayed a model to show how biogas can be extracted and used as a fuel.

He said biogas can be generated through food waste, woods and other waste materials and by burning it energy can be produced. He said his colleagues Osama Masood, Wajiha Humayun and other helped him in making the model.

Hadia Haroon, a student of class IV, said she made a diagram which showed that tin cans, disposable bottles and other boxes, which are used for junk food, can be recycled and used again and again.

She said: “If we make it sure that every tin can and bottle will melt again and will be reused we can reduce the amount of garbage collected every day.”

Tahir Rasheed, a visitor, said he enjoyed the carnival a lot and collected information that how we can protect our environment. “Some gadgets and diagrams at the stalls were very good and I understood that if we fail to protect our environment we will lose pure drinking water and even the air will become unsafe to inhale.”

Tahir’s younger sister Sara Rasheed said she enjoyed different swings, especially jumping.

Chairman CDA Syed Tahir Shahbaz, who was the chief guest, said the carnival was an exemplary event to educate the citizens about environment.

“The beauty of Islamabad city lies in the green environment but increasing pollution and climate changes could pose a threat to its natural beauty, hence it is pivotal to create awareness among the people,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s future leaders should be well aware of environmental issues and hazards of pollution for protection of nature and it can be done best by educating and motivating them through such events.