An Egyptian woman has her photo taken in front of graffiti portraying Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during demonstration outside the presidential palace on December 9, 2012 in Cairo. -AFP Photo

CAIRO: Egypt's opposition on Sunday called for mass street protests on Tuesday rejecting a December 15 referendum on a new constitution largely drafted by President Mohamed Morsi's allies.

“We do not recognise the draft constitution because it does not represent the Egyptian people,” the opposition National Salvation Front said in a statement read out at a news conference by spokesman Sameh Ashour.

“We reject the referendum which will certainly lead to more division and sedition,” he said.

“The Front calls for demonstrations in the capital and in the regions on Tuesday as a rejection of the president's decision that goes against our legitimate demands,” he said.

The statement also condemned “militias” from the Muslim Brotherhood backing Morsi and “terrorist gangs.”

The protest call meant Egypt's weeks-long political crisis was to continue, despite Morsi on Saturday making a key concession to the opposition by rescinding a controversial November decree that had given him expanded powers free from judicial review.

Tuesday's demonstrations could lead to more violence if Morsi's supporters challenge them, as occurred on Wednesday when seven people were killed and hundreds injured in vicious clashes outside the presidential palace.