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December 01, 2012

Reviving the spirit of obedience

This is a feedback for the article Reviving the spirit of obedience by Arif Iftikhar (YW, October 27, 2012). The writer wrote the article quite well. I liked his unique approach to the topic where he created a link between Eidul Azha (the religious festival) with karma and the proverb, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. I appreciate the writer for penning down such a wonderful piece of writing.

Mariha Ghazal, Karachi

The grand relation

This is with reference to the article The grand relation by Yasmin Elahi (YW, November 3, 2012). I appreciate efforts of the writer for penning down a wonderful article.

It’s true that our relationship with grandparents is so precious and unique that no other relationship can be a substitute for this. We receive a lot of love from our grandparents but when we grow up, we don’t give them the respect and attention they deserve.

We must value and love our grandparents before they become a memory!

Hatoon Gul Saeed, Via email

A promise is a promise

This is with reference to the cover story A promise is a promise by Yasmin Elahi (YW, October 20, 2012). I totally agree with the writer that a person should recognise the importance of keeping his words and should keep his promise above everything else.

People tend to follow the saying, ‘Promises are made to be broken’! It’s inhuman to follow this quote. It takes a lifetime to gain someone’s trust but only a moment to break it. So please be careful and considerate.

Zahra Sohail, Karachi


A book is our best friend as it gives us knowledge, enhances our vocabulary and tells us the secrets of the universe. An hour of daily reading gives us wisdom, sharpens our mind and keeps us occupied in a healthy activity. Therefore, all of us must make a habit of reading anything on daily basis.

You can choose books on a subject of your interest, for example you can choose history books if you are interested in history, etc., — read anything that’s good, beneficial and healthy for your mind.

M. Saubaan Arshad, Karachi

Autobiography of a book

Autobiography of a book by Sadaf Tausif (YW, November 24, 2012) was a wonderful piece of writing. It made me realise how much we mistreat our books! Due to our carelessness, our books get ruined. When we purchase a book, we must not forget to take care of it. After reading it, we should put it in a bookshelf — away from the reach of toddlers. Also we should get it covered with a plastic sheet so that it remains protected from any sort of dirt.

We must learn to respect books. Books not only give us knowledge and wisdom but are also our best friends — we can count on books when we feel lonely and we must remember that our friends should be treated in the best possible way.

Hina Iqra, Karachi

Breakfast gives a good start

This is with reference to the article Breakfast gives a good start by Emaan Thaver (YW, November 17, 2012). I liked the article as it was very informative. It’s true that skipping breakfast may lead to poor health and weak stamina. Therefore, we must eat breakfast daily.

Jamal Ahmad, Karachi


This is with reference to the article Breakfast gives a good start by Emaan Thaver. Breakfast, no doubt, is the most important meal of the day and by skipping breakfast, students find it difficult to concentrate on studies and extra-curricular activities in school and at home. Therefore all of us must eat breakfast properly in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Altaf Sakhi, Turbat, Kech