Deposed Khan of Kalat restored

November 07, 2012


RAWALPINDI: The Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, who was deposed four years ago, has been restored to the Khanship of Kalat. An order to this effect was made by President Ayub Khan today (Nov 6).

Mr Daud Jan Khan, who succeeded the Khan of Kalat following the deposition of his father, has agreed to relinquish charge in favour of his father.

The Khan of Kalat today met President Ayub Khan and gave him an undertaking to work for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan. He also expressed regrets over the circumstances leading to his deposition in 1958.

APP adds: The West Pakistan Governor, Malik Amir Mohammad Khan, told newsmen this evening that Kalat will retain the present administrative structure and will remain a Commissioner’s division.

Malik Amir Mohammad Khan said that Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, who was deprived of his rights and privileges on October 4, 1958, would be receiving the same privy purse and enjoy the same rights and privileges as before his deposition.

He told another questioner that the Khan of Kalat, who was put under house arrest soon after his deposition, was living at his own expense, receiving his own share out of the privy purse granted to his successor. The only expenditure incurred by the Government was to post a guard at the residence of the deposed Khan.

Malik Allah Bakhsh, a private secretary of the Mir, read out a written statement to the Press on behalf of Mir Ahmad Yar Khan in the presence of the Governor. The statement expressed gratitude to the President on his being reinstalled to the Khanship of Kalat and expressed regret over the circumstances which had led to his deposition.—Staff Correspondent