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Blasphemous movie and violence

Published Sep 20, 2012 12:05am


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THE Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent as mercy to the world. One action of our beloved Prophet that was part of his life was forgiveness accompanied by patience. Especially, when there was a verbal assault on him, he never retaliated. It was even practised by his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) after he was gone.

It was his extra merciful and extremely forgiving nature which drew people to Islam more than anything. The toughest and hardest of hearts were melted by his overbearing kindness.

In the wake of latest events, not only have some Muslims forgotten these great virtues of Sunnah, but we have also forgotten that a nation doesn’t stand for one imbecile nor does one imbecile’s views are shared by the whole nation.

It was a YouTube video that caused anger and concern among Muslims but some people vented out their frustration by shamefully crossing the red line and killed those innocent Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, who had nothing to do with this condemnable video.

It was a video, and if someone had wanted to protest, then the answer should have been given by a video. Killing people on the basis of nationality was an ignorant and a criminal act.

By practising violence in the form of protests, no one is going to lose more than Muslims. Violence has never been effective. By killing innocent Americans in foreign lands, Muslims have only endangered their reputation and the lives of their Muslim brothers and sisters who live in Western lands. What will be the result of this violence? Will non-Muslim world respect our Prophet and our nation when some of its people lose their sense of justice and kill someone innocent who has nothing to do with the verbal assaults of an imbecile?

Will people embrace Islam or will they shy away from it because in the media it shows angry protesters killing people on verbal assaults?

I condemn the video as blasphemous material against the greatest man who ever lived on the face of Earth will not change the history recorded by Muslims and non-Muslims.

I strongly condemn the attacks on innocent people, especially the American ambassador to Libya as he had diplomatic immunity which is shared globally.

Lastly, I condemn the Internet policy of freedom as freedom of speech is fanning hatred, and especially when it is showing disrespect for a personality whose reputation is noted and is being celebrated for the last 1,400 years of history not only by Muslims but by non-Muslims too.

There should be laws to regulate the Internet industry and should be made ethical for the people of all nationalities.



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Comments (26) Closed

GJ Sep 20, 2012 04:48pm
how aboutppl in pakistan or many other muslim countries, who not only go about insulting all faiths on internet but also in their text books, on television show and other forms of media!!!!
Rabia balouch Sep 20, 2012 09:14pm
Awsum such a fabulous article
janet Sep 20, 2012 05:27pm
?There should be laws to regulate the Internet industry and should be made ethical for the people of all nationalities.? Good idea. Let us begin by regulating the hate speech found in Pakistani text books against Hindus, Christians and Jews.
Murthy Sep 20, 2012 10:45am
It is strange that people as well-informed as seeking knowledge over the net should incite/take part in violence. So, are the Muslims unwittingly proving themselves to be hyper-reactive over anything that has anything to do with Islam? Why should they give wide publicity to a film that everybody is not going to see, anyway? It seems as if thousands of people in Islam are looking for something, from anywhere or any source in the world to protest against! The claim that Islam is for peace will never wash with the world because it is concerned not with the precepts of Islam but with the activities of the practitioners.
Tahir Abbas Sep 20, 2012 05:14pm
French newspaper abused the right of expression with the publication of blasphemous cartoons after the anti-Islamic movie. Just few weeks ago French courts banned one newspaper from republishing the immoral photos of duchess Kate. There are laws against holocaust denial in many countries. But if someone makes fun of Islam then it?s the freedom of expression and there is also no real meaningful protest from muslim countries. Ruling class is hypocrite and public protests are violent. If all Muslim countries only ban the youTube then it?ll make them to review their policies. Muslim countries particularly gulf countries have international oil trade. They can also bring conditions for judicial stop of hurting more than 1.5 billion people. There is UNO and other international organizations to discuss this misuse of expression.
Kesar Sep 20, 2012 09:41am
I'm glad that I'm not alone who is exactly of the same opinion. Unfortunately Islam has been hijacked by the people with little appreciation of the essence of Islam. These ignorant people profess to love the prophet but do not love him enough to follow his teaching. He did not demolish the house of the old lady who threw garbage over him. He did not have the man killed after he urinated in the mosque. He dealt with the situations with calm, considered and rationale way. Had the prophet (pbuh) behaved like these thugs, I doubt Islam would have spread the way it did.
Gerry D'Cunha Sep 20, 2012 09:38am
impose 'fatwa' to all those involved in violence and fail to follow the teaching of the prophet 'patience' or put blasphemy law against them.
Akram Sep 20, 2012 08:40am
ThankYou So much Fathima for such a inspiring message to all.
Kashif Chohan Sep 20, 2012 08:15am
Well said!
Sohail Sep 20, 2012 07:19am
I fully agree!, however, there will be such incidents in countries with advanced secuity measures, I still haven't watched the video and won't!, more views, higher popularity and we are actually serving the movie makers cause, thats exactly why made this video in the first place. By watching the video you empower the culrpit, you also "killed" the innocent, shown the weakness of our faith!
Salman Sep 20, 2012 07:17am
Good Fatima... this is it.. Love for All , Hatred for None.. this is what our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW - PBUH) practised all his life and see where the Muslims stand today. Love for All, Hatred for None...
Saadiya Sep 20, 2012 04:22pm
It's amazing how one persons action has caused so much destruction damage and death. Our prophet encouraged tolerance and even in the face of ridicule , difficulties and insults , his way of tolerance and how to face adversity is lost on a majority of believers If this is how we will react to such individuals and destroy our image then - then God help us
Zafar Iqbal Sep 20, 2012 06:59am
wonderful message for those who become emotional and destroy their own properties in the name of protest and kill innocent people.
Manek Shergill Sep 20, 2012 06:21am
Good article !!!!
Francis Godinho Sep 21, 2012 04:06pm
Mr. Abbas, If you read history from 1947 till today you will find millions slaughtered, temples and churches burn't down, innocent got cut throats and beheaded, ,holy books burn't in the temple and churches. This is all allowed. Not a single will demonstrate WHY???. Are you living on earth or paradise?.
Saadiya Sep 21, 2012 03:03pm
?Let us begin by regulating the hate speech found in Pakistani text books against Hindus, Christians and Jews" Janet can you give the reference of which text book, page are you referring to?
Eleazar Sep 20, 2012 03:53am
In Judges 6:31 Joash asks the people will they fight for their god or will they save their god? if their god be god let him fight for himself. The muslims should take a leaf from Joash's advice. Will the muslims save Allah or Mohammed? Let them fight for themselves and truly we will see the outcome.
Francis Godinho Sep 21, 2012 02:54pm
My friend, internet was invented by the west for their own digestion. Not for some to pass fatwa. It is high time for you all to invent your own internet and live in your own make believe world.
sehrish Sep 20, 2012 02:55pm
very nice message,good job done..i agree with ur views..
Sudhir Sep 20, 2012 01:40pm
I am a non muslim and I wish to understand is God suppose to protect us or we suppose to protect the almighty. No body in america will care if somebody in east makes fun of Jesus or does whatever comments they want to on holocast. Wonder why is it not vice versa... Why do people in Islamic world give so much importance to westerners. Ignore them period :)
Mosiedayan Sep 21, 2012 02:46am
Will Muslim nations ever stop the hatred towards Jews who follow Judaism? Will they stop making statement agains Jews. Why get upset when some idiot makes a movie. Why give him the importance and why blame America for it just because it was produced. If they same yardstick is used should not all the islamic nations get the blame for some radical in their countries preaching hatred towards Jews and other minorities
Abhi acharya Sep 21, 2012 03:12am
Humans cannot insult God, if She or He exists. God is above it all. So let us not pretend to be God's guardians. Freedom of expression is a precious concept, even if it offends us deeply.
Mike Sep 21, 2012 03:16am
"I condemn the Internet policy of freedom as freedom of speech is fanning hatred" Sorry but the internet policy of freedom of speech is not fanning hatred. Intolerance is. If you do not like teh message, pay no heed to it. If you don't like a book, do not read it. If you don't like a film, do not watch it. If a cartton offends you, ignore it. The film and the cartoons of recent memory failed to offend until taken around the world by.....Muslims intent on inciting hatred! If not for Khaled Abdallah in Egypt, who in the Muslim world would have known about the movie? If not for two imams in Denmark spreading the news of the cartoons, who in the Muslim world would have been offended? None. No one has the right not to be offended - intolerance is not a valid reason to stop others speaking. If only the same indignation worldwide had been shown to Rimsha, that poor Christian girl framed by a Muslim cleric in Pakistan, we non-Muslims would show more respect. If Christians and Jews were protected in Muslim lands, if their churches and synagogues were allowed to accept congregations as they should, we'd show more respect. If Islam was as enlightened as it was in it's golden era, we would show more respect - but it seems that Islam and Muslims have learnt from our Christian histories and decided to regress to how Christendom once was - intolerant, backward look and barbaric. If what I write offends, please, just ignore it. In one week, you'll struggle to even recall a single word written by me. If what I have written makes you want to hate every western (white) person and kill them, look in the mirror and decide if that is the face of Islam you wish to portray. I thank you for your time.
shakir Sep 21, 2012 03:23am
Greatest Man to live on earth indeed !
Shah Deeldar Sep 20, 2012 11:58am
"There should be laws to regulate the Internet industry and should be made ethical for the people of all nationalities." This is a wishful thinking but not a practical approach in the West. Nobody can draw a straight line where the boundary should go for free speech. A free society should be able withstand such caricatures and assaults. What could be holy for certain people may not be holy for others.
Ravi Sep 21, 2012 04:38am
These kind of violent protests, show two things. Fiest peope are immature and ready to overreact to any thing like children. Second it shows that people claim that their muslim religion teaches peace and harmony but their misguided action due to certain members of society does not help islam rather it proves the perception that muslims are not peaceful and ready to be violent at any provocation preparedto kill innocent persons. This attitude must change if people want to convince the people that their muslim religion teches peace, harmony wth all human beings.