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PCB has some explaining to do

Published Jul 18, 2012 06:22pm


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It happens every time a squad is announced – criticism of the selectors, some unnecessary and unjust name calling, demands for resignations and a this-is-what-it-should-have-been squad from every Pakistan cricket fan. This time it’s no different. The only surprise really was that the squad for the T20 world cup was announced so early. One would have expected the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to take as much time as they could and announce the squad just before the International Cricket Council’s deadline for squad submission (August 18, 2012). However, the squad this time isn’t controversy free – it never is with Pakistan cricket.

The biggest question in this squad is over the non-selection of Junaid Khan – the young quick who impressed one and all in the recent Test series against Sri Lanka, in Sri Lanka, on the flattest of wickets. His back-to-back five wicket hauls gave the hope that not all was lost and that here could be a potential superstar for the future. What do we do with him? That’s right – exclude him from the series that follows.

If the reason is that he’s more suited to Test cricket then the selectors might have missed this – from a T20 game played last year where Khan defended seven runs of the last over for Lancashire. Given his performances, his exclusion is truly mind-boggling. Three five-wicket hauls in eight Tests – the selectors owe us an explanation.

Ahmed Shahzad is another exclusion that’s beyond comprehension. The lad plays his first T20 in over a year against Sri Lanka in June 2012, scores the highest on either side and gets dropped for the next tour. The board has time and again cited his attitude as the biggest concern – he was dropped a year so he could go work on his attitude, he came back and was the highest scorer in the first game he played – what’s wrong with that? When was Pakistan cricket about guys with no attitude issues? In-fighting, player power, politics – all these have been a part of Pakistan cricket for the past two decades – what blasphemy has Shahzad committed? Before throwing Shahzad out and asking him to sort himself out, the PCB needs to sort its own planning out – do you want him or not? If not, do you have another 20 year old who’s touted to be a future star? No, Abdul Qadir didn’t call him the future Sachin Tendulkar for his attitude. This is no way to treat a talent.

Many have questioned Mohammad Sami’s inclusion in this T20 team – it’s interesting to note that in his last T20 game, he almost single handedly won us the game against Sri Lanka. Since his T20 comeback, Sami has figures of  five overs, 38 runs and four wickets – he’s bowled at great pace (quicker than anyone on the Pakistan side has bowled since Shoaib Akhtar left) and he’s done well to keep his place. If Sami’s past record is a concern then it should be known that he was ‘fairly’ dropped and had to perform in domestic cricket to stage a comeback. If he earned his place in the side, he needs to be given a decent run and not discarded after a bad game (something that happened to Sami after he went for 28 runs in that over against Australia in the previous world cup – after having the same batsman, David Hussey, dropped off his bowling earlier in the game).

Other individuals who have all the right to feel hard done-by are Shakeel Ansar, Harris Sohail and Hammad Azam. Sohail didn’t get a game and has been dropped while Azam is going through a bit of what Fawad Alam went through – a few games here and there, glimpses of talent, dropped, called back, another game or two and then dropped again – kudos to the PCB for their treatment of these young men. Ansar’s initial selection was questionable as he had been picked on the basis of a superb century in domestic cricket – one would think earning a call to the international side might need a bit more than a handful of brilliant innings. Kamran Akmal has been called back to the squad and, in all honesty, he is our best choice wicket keeper in T20 cricket because of his explosive batting. His keeping has been an issue but he has made fewer mistakes in T20s and is acceptable in the format mainly due to his batting – also, he does a better job than Umar Akmal. Abdul Razzaq’s call back shows further confusion on the selection committee’s part. If you drop a player and ask him to go play domestic cricket to prove his form, how are you calling him back if there was no domestic cricket played in the country? PCB will never crease to amaze.

The selectors seemed to have tried too hard to cover all bases with this squad. There are six all rounders in Mohammad Hafeez, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, Sohail Tanvir, Abdul Razzaq and Yasir Arafat. Hafeez, Afridi and Saeed Ajmal are three names on the team sheet that won’t change throughout the T20 world cup and that means 12 overs out of the 20 will come from them. Malik is being picked as a batting all rounder but Hafeez has said that he might be used as a bowling option as well. Umar Gul is a certain starter. That’s 20 overs for you – in addition to that, Sami or Sohail Tanvir might be picked to open the bowling with Gul. Razzaq’s usefulness in Sri Lanka is restricted to the new ball especially with his pace – what use is it to select both Razzaq and Tanvir and drop Azam? Pakistan would have been better off with taking Tanvir and Azam as Razzaq’s form is unproven and Azam would’ve learned more by being with the team than sitting in Pakistan and watching the world cup on his television.

I am not pointing fingers – nor am I saying that the squad picked represents Pakistan’s best but the squad has been selected and, barring injuries, these guys will be representing our country at the T20 world cup. Save the name-calling, save the hate – get behind this team and support them all the way. On current form, many pundits might rate the West Indies as favorites ahead of us – not ideal but we’re at our best when we go in as underdogs. It is imperative to remember that T20 cricket is entertainment, just like the WWF.

A cricket enthusiast who practices accounting on the side. Based in Ottawa but firmly believes that he’ll lead the PCB one day.

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Comments (73) Closed

Ali Jul 18, 2012 03:28pm
Well I like his sarcasm. Sarcasm represents something said as a joke which has happened in the past and proved.
Dilber Maseeh Jul 18, 2012 01:45pm
Maybe the PCB wants to play safe with Junaid Khan as he might end up throwing deliberate no balls if the world gets excited by his talent too much.
Abdul Jul 18, 2012 04:28pm
Making Hafeez the T20 captain was perhaps the worst decision the management has made in the last few years. And they've made their share of howlers.
Abdul Jul 18, 2012 04:24pm
Making Hafeez the T20 captain was perhaps the worst decision the management has made in the last few years. And they've made their share of howlers. He's a flat-track bully. Case in point: the recent series in Sri Lanka. Misbah, for all his shortcomings, is at least a decent captain.
Frontdrive Jul 18, 2012 03:47pm
Select all players from Lahore and give the name Punjab crick team instead of Pakistan.
Shahzaib Khan Jul 18, 2012 04:14pm
abe bhi ahmad shazad aur shahzaib ko world cup t20 ki team me shamel kyo nahi kya?
Capt Mansur Jul 18, 2012 01:42pm
I agree with the writter all the way. Not a good selection, honesly I have lost ineterst in this worl cup. The team needed Hamad and Junaid. Still time for the selectors to change though.
Hyder Ali Aug 01, 2012 02:00pm
Dear Sir, A great article covering the double standards in the PCB selection committee. But one can only expect worse when same old faces keep on coming one after another to lead the selection committee. Moreover, Abdul Razzak faked injury to miss one day series against England but played the Bangladesh premier league as an allrounder where he was thrashed by Ahmed Shahzad for 26 runs in one over Shabash Iqbal Qasim for messing around with Pakistan's T20 campaign. Who is next in line to replace him as chief selector?, it will be surely another jerk. Regards, Hyder Ali
Aye Jul 18, 2012 02:29pm
if we compare hammad with Razzaq, then why hammad was no given a chance..... Razzaq has just passed his prime time but Hammad has lot of potential, he has lot to prove but again Iqbal Qasim and few hands are going to ruin this talent
Faisal Jul 18, 2012 02:57pm
PCB is a dysfunctional organization run by people who select players not on merit but on patronage and nepotism. Also, most people running PCB are not qualified. When you have doctors and former diplomats running a country's sport organization that tells you a lot what the outcome will be for this team. People that have never played cricket at the international level can not and will not be able to judge and/or determine best possible strategy for the team. How could they? They have NO experience in the game of cricket. So many great players never got the chance to play at the national level. A sad loss for them and a greater loss for the nation, but who cares, as long as 'I get to be in the team and even if that means that the team losses then so be it'. That is the mentality. Nothing will change until people change and that is not happening in Pakistan for a while. There is lot of raw talent in Pakistan but they never get a chance for various reason and they are either because of their ethnicity, or his father is not rich or does not have rooted connections with someone in the government or PCB. Just looking at the opening pair, an area where Pakistan has constantly struggled to find any consistency continues to be a problem. But PCB continues to bring the same people back and is not interested in bringing new faces. Nothing will change, at least for a while. No one truly cares about country's pride, but rather more interested selfish interestes. PCB..AKA...Pathetic Cricket Board!
sami kazi Jul 18, 2012 04:30pm
Selecting Muhammad Sami who always finds it difficult to maintain a consistent line and lengh over Junaid Khan who is amazing with his ability to take wickets and also contain batsmen is mind boggling. With Umar Gul out of form Pakistan must select Junaid Khan as a front line strke bowler. I think Pakistan has limited chances of winning the 20/20 world cup with this team. They still have time to make some changes in the team if they are serious about winning the world cup. Sami over Junaid does not make any sense at all.
Imad Qureshi Jul 18, 2012 04:05pm
And I need explanation for selecting Kamran Akmal. Kiskay powaay pay khel raha hay bhai yeh?
Faisal Iqbal Jul 18, 2012 02:41pm
I tend to agree that Malik is not a 'dependable' choice when it comes to play the middle overs, I would have given the chance to young blood over him. Also, it is harsh on Ahmed Shehzad who deserved a chance over imran nazir or nasir jamshed. However, lets back the squad and lets hope that worldcup remains free of controversies.
Rizwan Jul 19, 2012 10:53am
Pakistan team should not visit India. It would be suicidal to send the team to India till Kasaab is duly hanged-some catharsis for Indians!
Ghaus Jul 19, 2012 01:01pm
Anwar Ali should be given a chance. The way he bowled in the 2006 under 19 world cup, nobody has ever bowled that briliantly. He is gifted bowler and has bertter pace and swing than Junaid Khan. Anwar Ali should have gone to SRI LANKA last time instead of Junaid khan.
Rashid Jul 19, 2012 01:17pm
Hafeez should consider himself lucky to be in the team. He’s more effective as a bowler than as a batsman (he scores highly in a non-impactful game to maintain his not-so-decent average). Unfortunately, he takes up one of the opening spots and makes a complete mess-up of the situation – sometimes its his slow scoring rate and other times its simply his lack of runs. And the weirdest thing is that he’s supposed to be an aggressive batsman with a license to attack bowlers. Kya mazak hai yaar!! He doesn’t justify a spot had it not been for his bowling. But we have so many bowlers already in the team that his ‘part-time’ bowling eats up their quota. If anyone argues that his ‘part-time’ bowling trumps a ‘full-time’ bowler then perhaps that ‘full-time’ bowler should be axed. Based on current performances, he should either be played as a ‘full-time’ bowler or not played at all. Finally in his defense, he does a pretty good job with 10 overs. Perhaps we should drop a ‘full-time’ bowler in his favor. But is it worthy of a gamble?
PakFan Jul 18, 2012 02:32pm
Even if I don't play Junaid I would select him to boost his confidence level. He is very young and need to be groomed properly by the right people. Well researched article however, if selector agree to all of your points there will be criticism from others regarding excluding the players who are in the team now.
M K S Jul 18, 2012 02:55pm
That is a very poor attempt at sarcasm.....
M K S Jul 18, 2012 02:57pm
"What do we do with him? That’s right – exclude him from the series that follows." One word for them...actually, 2 words...Blithering buffoons.
Aye Jul 18, 2012 02:25pm
rightly said bro! There is no place for Sami in T20s and also Asad Shafique (no doubt he is a class act) but still he does not have potential play as t20 demands. Junaid and Hammad should have been included replacing Sami and Shafiq or they can exclude Yasir Arafat....... Iqbal Qasim does not have ability to make his own decisions but decisions are imposed on him by some influential people.
Salman Khan Jul 18, 2012 02:10pm
Beta, aap ne to kar di dil ke baat.
Ali Jul 18, 2012 02:08pm
This is not something new. Very frustrating indeed. I am surprised dawn allowed you to write this and published it.
Emad Jul 19, 2012 05:46am
Jamshed, hafeez, kamran, shafiq, umar, malik, razzaq, afridi, tanvir, ajmal, gul - team doesn't look bad
mobashir Jul 18, 2012 06:37pm
Shahzaib is never able to prove good in international matches for whatever reason ... shahzad is a debatable point
Rehan Jul 18, 2012 06:49pm
I beg to differ. Yes, indeed Hammad Azam, Ahmed Shehzad, Shakeel Ansari were left out and Junaid Khan never in the picture. But it's World Cup we are talking about. Including well capped Imran Nazir, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Abdur Razzaq simply justifies PCB opted to allot seats to experienced players on "testing conditions" in Sri Lanka. No doubt T20 format favors the young horses, but the T20 World cup schedule gives Pakistan ONLY 2 games before they move to Super 8s (given, they win both), where the big guns shall show down. There is marginal room for settlement. This squad has as many batsmen, batting all rounders, keeper batsman; that Pakistan could ever dream about. Given the fact ICC instructs T20 curators about Fast Scoring Wickets, I generally feel fans should rather feel content with the given names made forward. My concern would be fielding. Pakistan fielded below par in the Sri Lanka series, making them literally the worst fielding teams to feature today. Nevertheless, Australia series in Dubai will be a litmus test for both the "comeback players" and alike. Besides, a point I would rather insist: Players under the label of "comeback" have generally always created a greater impact on return to justify their absense was worth the motivation to perform! Let's hope for glory.
Capt Mansur Jul 18, 2012 07:18pm
I agree with you Abdul 100%. Hafeez a gamble. Misbah a sound choice. PCB has gone from bad to worse. I truly have lost interest and feel no desire to watch it and wast my time. This is a POLITCAL COMPROMISED TEAM.
Nadeem Mirza Jul 18, 2012 08:20pm
Trying Hafeez T20 captain on paper looked the right decision, but the way it backfired was no body's guess. PCB should have admitted the mistake and should have brought back Misbah as a captain. Even though he is not a great captain but bring maturity and stability in the team. He is like a father figure to some of the boys, just like Inzimam was.
Nadeem Mirza Jul 18, 2012 08:30pm
I double that! What did Junaid do wrong to be not in the side? He prooved that he could extract pace and take wickets even on the flat sufaces of Srilanka. I think World cup T20 is in SriLanka, so why he is not selected and out of form Umar Gul and Sami were prefered. Amir is a good bowler but so far the way Junaid performed is even better. After two Ws (waseem and Waqar) and Shoib, first time a bowler is consistenty taking wickets on dead surfaces of subcontinent. Imagine what he could do in seaming conditions of England and Australia. Can't wait to see that.
@Ahmed_Zulfiqar Jul 18, 2012 09:28pm
A fine article and I agree on all points barring Sami. He most certainly did NOT almost single-handedly win us the last T20 against SL, it was an Afridi special that saw Pakistan triumph in that match.
MG Jul 18, 2012 10:09pm
I just want to remind everyone - this is PAKISTANI CRICKET we are talking about - merit and hard facts play no role in "our" version of the game. Sorry Junaid Khan - we are with you, but I guess you need to "prove" more. Maybe you can start a juggling act as you run in to bowl - maybe that will "please" the five year olds that run the PCB. Pathetic - is there any institution left in Pakistan that is remotely corruption-free?
Yawar Jul 19, 2012 01:25am
Were Ahmed Shahzad and Junaid Khan dropped for disciplinary reasons? PCB needs to be more open and transparent.
Yawar Jul 19, 2012 01:30am
no comments on Yasir Arafat?
Ali Khan Jul 19, 2012 02:37am
Apart from skeptical decisions, PCB has also made some positive and surprised move as well by adding the name of Imran Nazir to the squad. He is a batsman who, if stands on crease, take the game away from the opponent and shift the pressure to the bowling side while batting. Yes, Ahmad Shahzad is a guy who has been praised and held high by Chri Gayle in BPL and he admired his talent alot. He might be a very big star of Pakistan in the future if reasonable and unbiased oppertunity is given. I would differ at Razzaq's criticism as time and again it has been proven that Razzaq is a game winner who can shift the balance of the game IF UTILIZED SUITABLY. As far as our big guns are performing there is no need to prefer any other young gun. However i would emphasis on rotation strategy by which the slots that are not sufficiently performing should be subject to change on match to match basis, just like using Tanvir and Razzaq in accorance with their performance to the next match. The Squad consists of the best available talent in pakistan and now it has adapted a shape by which it would be worth watching for Pakistanis.
Zoab Khan Jul 19, 2012 02:59am
Every new board that comes disappoints. Junaid Khan should be included in all formats of the game. Yet somehow Sami finds his place in the team? Hammad Azam, Haris Sohail, Fawad Alam not chosen. Yet they pick tried and tested duds like Malik?
wahwah khan Jul 19, 2012 11:39am
Junaid is my first cousin and he is very upset about it...He is more frustrated over Sami's selection too, he thinks the selection criteria should always be on performance and merit.
pappu Jul 19, 2012 03:51am
PAPPU Yaar tang na kar....
Betweenthelines Jul 19, 2012 04:24am
Ooooh, the last 4 words have a really deep meaning.
Zahid Jul 19, 2012 04:33am
Political appointees like Zaka Ashraf can only wreak havoc. No wonder, cricket in Pakistan is on a continuous decline as budding stars cannot make it to, or maintain their place in, the team because of favoritism.
Zahid Jul 19, 2012 04:35am
Jaundiced & prejudiced views. Zardari, who appointed Zaka Ashraf, is not a Punjabi, dude.
Jasim Jul 19, 2012 05:07am
Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal should be left out for the rest of their lives. They have proven to be liars and faking injuries just to protest against the dropping of the other. Kamran has lost Pak more games by dropping simple catches than he has won. Zulqernain Haider is the best keeper available for Pak.
Naseema Perveen Jul 19, 2012 05:22am
i am the only in my family who is not interested in i wont comment!
Jawed Jul 19, 2012 05:29am
Nobody is making anyone make decisions that is your typical backward pakistani thinking coming to play. The selection commitee was under the rut when the Asia cup team was announced and when the team won nobody appluaded the selection commitee for picking a strong set of players. You need to understand that the selection commitee picks the final squad in consultation with the captain and coach so please try and understand that if players of the quality of junaid and shahzad are excluded there must be some logic on the part of all stakeholders involved in the selection. As for your point on Ahmed Shahzad, the guy is a misfit and has been referred to a renowned sports psychologist for further treatment in case you havent heard the news. no captain wants a mentally challenged cricket (no matter how good he may be) in the side.
Pappu Jul 19, 2012 06:08am
Pappu Yaar Tang Na Kar
Ahmed Jul 19, 2012 06:41am
Best response so far !!! but honestly why is spot fixing Akmal in the team ? and why shoaib malik ? Razzaq might be massively talented but he does not use his mind, thats why you will see him getting run out just because his bat is hanging in air. Misbah was the best choice for captaincy in ALL formats of the game. His batting provides solidity to the lineup. Misbah and Asad Shafiq can provide spine to the middle order. All the rest are too dicey.
Ahmed Jul 19, 2012 06:45am
I think Asad Shafiq is a must to provide spine to middle order. Who else is reliable in case your team of 4 down at 20 ? Hafeez, Kamran, Umar, Imran nazir, none of them are dependable. Kamran Akmal is a definitely a spot fixer, i dont konw our fans forgot his performance in Australia and then post match Aaqib Javed's comment that he sincerely thought missed run out was deliberate. Shame on these guys. Shame on PCB for keep selecting players with doubtful background.
Bilal Jul 19, 2012 07:01am
U missed to comment on I Nazir..
Faraz Jul 19, 2012 07:11am
I dont want to say who should have been picked and who shouldnt not have been picked. But I do wonder why the final team was announced (for one of the most important tournaments in cricket) one month before deadline.Other than Pakitan, India is the only other team to have short listed a aquad of 30. May be this has something to do with the upcoming series? Maybe not!
ABDULLAH Jul 19, 2012 07:19am
sab parchio ka kamal hay bhai
saythetruth Jul 19, 2012 07:24am
PCB Self destructive, the Chairman of PCB do we even know him, he lack cricket experience.
Ali Khan Jul 19, 2012 07:25am
So what if most of the good players come from Punjab and KP? You have to select a national team of Pakistan based on talent and talent only..even if it means selecting whole team from Sindh, Punjab or any other province if they're all good enough and deserve to be in the team! Sami must have been selected to include a Karachi player in the squad to please regional cricket associations. Thats how Junaid missed out i guess... its regional politics at its worst in Pakistan. Unfortunately, even the educated are biased when it comes to this! And stop promoting sectarianism by posting such comments.
Derawal39 Jul 19, 2012 08:23am
Junaid is young is accurate, reasonably pacy and has been taking wickets. There can be only two possible reasons to drop him, either some has a bias against him or the selection committee has lost their marbles! Hammad is the real all rounder of the days to come, his exclusion boggles the mind and only morons would exclude him from the team.
Salim Jul 19, 2012 07:46am
Junaid Khan and Hammad Azam should be in team, rather must be. Razzak and Shoaib Malik should be taken out to create place for these two.
M BILAL KHAN Jul 19, 2012 08:06am
both of them are inept...
Salman Baloch Jul 19, 2012 08:11am
WWF ?? Are you serious ?? You do know that WWF is fixed right and it is called WWE now cause it is not categorised as a sport. Indeed Junaid has been hard done.
Salman Baloch Jul 19, 2012 08:13am
hahahhahhaha... Sarcasm
nasir Jul 19, 2012 08:24am
its not a good idea to include Junaid Khan in the team because then there will be a chance for Pakistan to win matches which the betting mafia doesnt want and alredy from the team composition u can see they are active again. if there is widespread corruptin then why should PCB be left behind.
haris Jul 19, 2012 08:45am
I prefer Afridi as a captain above Msibah, Hafeez and the rest. He gives his 100% and led the team well whenever he was made Captain. I know he does not want to be lead his side but why don't we dug out the real issue. He is the best choice and a worthy leader. Khuda key liye Misbah sey tou behtar Hafeez hai. May be you all forgot the Semi-Final but it still hurts me how Misbah has single-handed-ly gave away a win to Indians. I was watching with my Indians friends on a public viewing and they too were surprised to see their team winning that game.
Raheel Jul 19, 2012 09:31am
Where is Awais Zia? Seemed to be a decent T20 opener in UAE against England.
Rameez Jul 20, 2012 11:29am
All in all i think we have a very good balanced team for World T20. There are many good inclusions like imran nazir, abdul razzak and kamran akmal bcoz no one should have any doubt on their abilities. Just one think i would like to say that Junaid Khan should be included in this Squad as he performed excellent in Sri Lanka.
anwar Jul 19, 2012 04:24pm
It is sad to see that bookies again emerged as winner by enforcing PCB to induct Kamran Akmal in recently announced T20 squad again sad affair that within PCB there is powerful lobby who works for bookies otherwise Sarfaraz Ahmed was automatic choice for T20 squad but poor Sarfaraz is out of favour even after wonderful run behind the stumps. Now again once person will more suffer when Kamran Akmal will be behind the stumps pacer bowler who still bowls between 150 km to 160 km faster bowler at international level and earlier on Sami's bowling Kamran Akmal has dropped more than 4 dozens catches behind the stumps due to that reason Sami was out of Pakistan squad for a longer period.???? Why talented player like FAWAD ALAM who is the best fielder in Pakistan and plays sensible ciricket also a very useful bowler not got the opportunity to make it to the T20 squad people like Shoaib Malik/Kamran Akmal who by bribing PCB set up via bookies managed to get nod for T-20 team via integrity Committee of PCB who works for hiddend forces has cleared black ships and even Umar Akmal is a black ship in the team but PCB set up cares for personal money and gain they dam care about prestige of Pakistan. Taltended HamadAzam is why out of team??????? Wake up PCB high ups and save the gave.
S.M.MUSTAFA Jul 19, 2012 04:25pm
hammad, shahzad, shahzaib and junaid should be in the side. hafeez ever worst captain in all form of game. afridi should be the captain. malick hopeless choice. any way good luck for the team.
Noman Jul 19, 2012 05:56pm
I was not expecting such a dumb selection and a step in backward direction by current selectors. My gut feeling is that the current selectors are also under extreme pressure to select some players with a strong lobby working for them. I completely disagree with those who are welcoming back Kamran in the team. There is no doubt that he performed really well in last T20 as an opener but his horrible keeping in recent years with a very inconsistent performance as a batsman does not warrant him a place in current side. Iqbal Qasim & Co has done a great injustice to Sarfaraz who should have been playing all 3 formats of the game but he is being treated like someone who had been intentionally given a short stay in team to pave the return of Mr Slippery Akmal. I always have been a big fan of Razzak and feel he could have done wonders for Pakistan playing as Batting allrounder and slotted as opening batsman/one down but his batting abilities were never utilised properly after the departure of Wasim Akram. His bowling has become mediocre and he cannot be expected to repeat heroic innings like those against South Africa and England every now and then so his selection ahead of a promising and young allrounder like Hammad Azam is another show of lack of confidenc ein young players. Having seen Haris Sohail in recent T20 tournament, he appear to be a bright future for Pakistan cricket but again he has been discarded without even given a single match to play. Ahmed Shahzad and Khalid Lateef should also feel sense of injustice after giving 2 matches to prove something, why the players like imran farhat, imran nazeer, razzak, akmal get dozens of chances and younger players are put on a sword to perform. I dont want to start a debate on biased attitude towards a certain province but having seen the careers of fawad alam, khurram manzoor, khalid lateef, ramiz raja junior and sarfaraz ahmed being destroyed by inconsistent and biased selection , there seem to be some lobby working against karachi players. Another player whose career has been tried to played with is Asad Shafiq, a mighty talented batsman with strong technique and temperament , has been used like a punching bag in limited overs cricket, playing few matches here and there and that too on different positions and then keep dropping him to shatter his confidence, kudos to him for being mentally strong and for slapping his critics by putting up an excellent series against srilanka. Not selecting Junaid Khan is the biggest cricketing joke of this year. My team would have been Ahmed Shahzad, Muhammad Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Haris Shoail, Hammad Azam, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shahid Afrdi, Sohail Tanveer/Junaid Khan, Saeed Ajmal, Raza Hasan, Umar Gul/Sami
Syed Jul 19, 2012 08:57pm
Contrary to the subject on this article, PCB explains to nobody ... It should be renamed to PPP, I don't know, what you guys think?
Hasnain Haque Jul 19, 2012 10:02pm
PCB and Pakistan is a mere reflection of the state of Pakistan. Corruption, nepotism, favoritism and incompetence is practiced everyday in Pakistan and thus destroyed the country and the nation. PCB a simple reflection of the way things are done in Pakistan as a result of which companies and organisations such as PIA, WAPDA, Banks etc have been destroyed and soon Cricket is heading the way Hockey and Squash have vanished. Good luck Pakistan you are a great example of self destruction.
Hasnain Haque Jul 19, 2012 10:05pm
Navid Jul 20, 2012 02:46am
Why Shoaib Malik .. is he also related to some highup? otherwise I see any reason for his selection. After recent issues of match fixing .. we should not allow any cricketer with even slightest hint or allegation of such issues as part of Pakistani team..PERIOD. I feel really sorry for young cricketers like Hamad and Juniad .. hard done by useless selectors. We need a selection committee made up of cricketers who were top class players, understand current cricket and who can stand up to undue pressures from above!
Muhammad Daud Alam Jul 20, 2012 04:52am
Don't drag your cousin's name in this matter. He is a rising star. Your comments might put him in some deep trouble. Wahwah Khan ,be careful about your feelings and thoughts !!
k.frog Jul 20, 2012 06:24am
Misbah is too old, scores too slow for T20. Razzaq was a super star 10 years ago. He's too old now. Malik is too old, way past his used by date. Afridi is too old, but he's such a champ that he can still win games off his own.
Ali Vaqar Awan Jul 22, 2012 11:00am
Very pathetic team selection done by PCB. PCB must have got drunk when they announced squad. Very poor decision to exclude Junaid Khan, Hammad Azam and Abdul Rehman. Now it shows we have weakest team. Selection of Shoaib Malik and Sami is worst choice. Either of these two have not delivered and performed. PCB should have waited till its given dead line, 18th August to announce the squad. Shahid Affridi should have been appointed the captain as has ability to give better results. PCB is totally runned by incompetent oldies who have no knowledge of game or interest at all. In this way our cricket can never improve.
Dawar Naqvi Jul 27, 2012 09:36am
Junaid Khan and Fawad Alam should be in the team. Recently Junaid performed well, on eof the best bowler in last serise. Fawad Alam was never given proper chance, in & out but he played mostly very good. His records are telling us. In all type of cricket he has very good average plus he is pakistan number on fielder.
Rizwan Jul 23, 2012 09:44pm
it happens every time when team selected
Hyder Ali Aug 01, 2012 02:14pm
Dear sir, May I very humbly ask Zaka Ashraf that why the PCB is paying US$ 17,000 per month to Dave Whatmore as batting coach whereas the legend Javed Miandad has been asked to prepare the batsmen for under 19 as well as T20 world cup??? We will save a lot of of precious foreign exchange by hiring Javed Miandad as chief coach for the team and firing every tom, dick and harry who are currently working as useless batting, fielding and God knows so many other worthless positions with Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan zindabad, Hyder Ali
asad Aug 03, 2012 07:58am
I am a big follower of crcket..first of all salam to all then i want to say that hafeez is a good choicce as a skipper coz he is young and can lead team welll...look at the world best teams like s.a aussies etc they make a choice and then stick with it...i think not selecting hammad azam is something to be questioned....