Px06-032 ISLAMABAD: Jun06 ? Son of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Arslan Iftikhar returns after a hearing outside Supreme Court of Pakistan. ONLINE PHOTO by Waseem Khan
Arsalan Iftikhar outside the Supreme Court. — Photo by Online

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard the suo motu case over allegations against Arsalan Iftikhar, son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, DawnNews reported. 

A two-judge bench of the apex court comprising Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain heard the notice.

The Supreme Court has been hearing the notice about the bribes allegedly given to the chief justice’s son by property tycoon Malik Riaz.

The suo motu notice had been taken after the rumours of the chief justice’s son’s shady business dealings with Riaz had become loud enough to make it to primetime television. After midnight on June 5, the court had announced the suo motu notice and the first hearing was held on Wednesday.

4:12 pm: The case's hearing was adjourned to June 14.

4:08 pm: I don't mind if the court forms a judicial commission, said Sardar Ishaq, representing Arsalan.

4:06 pm: Justice Khilji said: I do not make up my mind until the time I sign on the verdict.

4:04 pm: I believe that the court has already made up its mind on this issue, Bokhari said.

4:03 pm: A larger bench should be formed to hear the case, Bokhari requested the court.

4:02 pm: Bokhari said the court still has not directed that Arsalan's business and financial records be produced.

4:00 pm: The financial and business records of my client are being asked for, Riaz's counsel said.

3:41 pm: The court was not lenient towards Malik Riaz, Bokhari said.

3:40 pm: The court asked that if assurances were given to Ahmed Khalil and Salman Ahmed, how had Malik Riaz been deceived.

3:35 pm: The court said the confusion surrounding the idea of ‘assurance’ should be clarified.

3:32pm: Riaz said that Ahmed Khalil and Salman Ahmed had been assured that the cases would be taken care of.

3:21 pm: We want to reach the crux of matter, Justice Jawwad said.

3:20pm: I will prove through documentary evidence that my allegations hold truth, Riaz said.

3:16 pm: What allegations did Arsalan level against Riaz, the court inquired.

3: 15 pm: I never attempted to involve the judiciary or the judges in this issue, Riaz said.

3: 13 pm: Arsalan had made false accusations against Malik Riaz, Bokhari said.

3: 11 pm: Arsalan Iftikhar turned out to be an embarassment to the judiciary and to the chief justice.

3: 10 pm: Riaz said he respected all Supreme Court judges, including the chief justice.

3:05 pm: Zahid Bokhari, counsel for Malik Riaz, reading aloud his client's statement in court.

2:54 pm: The bench directed the registrar office to bring Malik Riaz's written statement.

2:53 pm: Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Riaz were present in court for the hearing.