Tharparkar: developing livestock

February 13, 2012


THIS refers to the news item (Jan 29) regarding announcements of the authorities while speaking at a livestock, dairy, fisheries, poultry and agriculture 2012 (LDFA) exhibition at the Expo Centre in Karachi.

The announcement in this connection by the Sindh Assembly speaker is positive. He said the government was striving hard to exploit the potential of livestock and the agriculture sector developing closer interaction between sellers and buyers.

On the occasion, the secretary of livestock and fisheries stated that since the livestock contributed significantly to the GDP, the department was developing a state-of-the-art dairy and livestock economic zone at Bhambore and Thatta.

This would be a good step by the government towards promotinge pastoral economy.

Tharparkar district is one of the biggest potential livestock market zones in Sindh and needs to focus on planning to promote the livestock sector.

The current estimated livestock population of Tharparkar district is above six million.

Most people of the area depend on agro-pastoral economy for their livelihood.

Livestock, fully or partially, contributes to the economy of every household of about 1.3 million people of the district.

Thar must be given priority in matters of livestock development. Authorities should devise a holistic livestock development plan to include introducing cross-breeds, promote dairy farming, taking measures for widening the livestock health improvement facilities, introducing low-priced easily available livestock fodder and further developing local pasturelands and rangelands to foster grazing areas, exploring markets for profitable trade of livestock and its products, including animal hides and wool.