LAHORE, Dec 4: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that his government had decided to review the agreements made by the government of president Pervez Musharraf with the United States, Nato, Isaf and the United Nations.

Talking to representatives of print media at the State Guest House, he said: “Soon after the Nato attack, which left many of our innocent soldiers martyred, we took up this issue very seriously by involving all stakeholders, including military and political leadership. We first started protesting massively both at national and international levels by boycotting the Bonn conference in order to make the world realise that Pakistan has an important role in the war against terror.”

Mr Gilani said the political and military leadership, along with the Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC), saw the strike as an opportunity to revise the entire terms of business (ToBs) on all national and international issues such as war on terror, security of the region, Kashmir, made by the Musharraf government with the US, Nato, ISAF and the UN. He said the government had assigned the National Security Committee of Parliament (NSCP) to prepare its recommendations over all important matter and submit these to the next joint session of parliament.

“After having the NSCP’s recommendations debated in parliament we will make new ToBs with the US, Nato and the UN so as to bring a sustainable peace in the region,” he said.

Mr Gilani said the main objective behind boycotting the Bonn conference was not only limited to a strong protest, but also to devise afresh a uniformed policy to deal with national issues.

Asked whether the government’s decision to boycott the Bonn conference might harm the peace process in Afghanistan, the prime minister said: “Everyone knows well that we decided not to attend the Bonn conference in protest. As we are already doing a lot to bring peace in the region, including Afghanistan, my nation questions me that why our innocent soldiers were martyred by Nato.”

Talking about PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif’s petition in the Supreme Court on the memogate issue, Mr Gilani said although it was a right of Mian Sahib to move the court, “I am of the view that he (Nawaz) should not have taken this matter to court”.