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The holistic system of yoga attaches great importance to a healthy mind.

LAHORE: Epidemics like dengue fever spread owing to undue interference in the ecosystem in the name of development.

“Lahore had a lot of greenery around a decade ago with lots of kutcha spaces where frogs and insects like cricket and Jugnu could be seen during rainy seasons. All these creatures have an important role in balancing our ecosystem as the same would eat mosquitoes and their eggs and no one heard of dengue,” said participants in a session arranged on Sunday at Faiz Ghar in Model Town to create awareness about curing dengue through yoga and other natural cure methods.

Dengue fever has not been a new phenomenon in the subcontinent. Yogi and Veds in southern and eastern parts of the subcontinent had been effectively curing the victims since ages, said Yogi Wajahat.

He was of the view that by adopting nature friendly methods which do not harm the environment the epidemic could be controlled. “Heavy spraying of pesticides and insecticides is not the solution. We should rather expect the harmful effects of spray now. Some plants are particularly effective against mosquitoes. Neem also known as home pharmacy and Tulsi are natural repellents. Neem leaves are utilised in various ways in Ayurvedic and found effective in several ailments including dengue and malaria,” he said. Yogi Shamshad Haider who holds regular classes at Faiz Ghar said conviction, positive thinking and hope have been constituents of faith which has been important because a positive attitude helps the patient in fighting the disease.

“The holistic system of yoga attaches great importance to a healthy mind as a depressed and helpless mind would help the disease overpower the body. Faith and confidence in the healing will certainly boost the recovery process.

“Breathing has miraculous effects that benefit our physical as well as mental health. In case of dengue, breathing is particularly effective because it enriches the blood tremendously. Breathing not only provides an oxygen boost but a lot of energy scattered in the environment around us.

“Three basic breathing exercises have provided much relief to patients. Deep breathing means fully inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Normally we take a breath that is only 25 per cent of our lungs capacity. Holding the breath means taking a deep breath and holding it in the lungs for some time. Alternate breathing means taking breath through left nostril and exhaling through the right and inhaling through the right and exhaling by the left and so on.

“A diet that is rich in calcium and iron would help a dengue patient to recover. A common symptom in this fever is loss of appetite. Solid food otherwise takes a long time to digest and would strain the body that has already diverted most of its energy for fighting against the disease. Fruit juices and milk would provide good amount of energy,” said the Yoga master who has acquired this art from the renowned masters of India, Burma, Nepal and Tibet.

A regular participant in the classes, Husain Qazi seconded the assertion of the yoga master and said that he and his family too had marvellous improvement after performing yoga.“I, my wife and three children caught dengue but all recovered soon without any case becoming serious. We found the yoga therapy not only effective in dengue but also beneficial to the overall health of my family by boosting our immune system,” he said.