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Lost in Karachi…wilderness of pain

Published Jul 08, 2011 11:35am


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Incidents of violence continued in Karachi on Friday as 18 people were killed in fresh incidents of firing, DawnNews reported. The violence ensued as firing continued in different parts of the city on Friday. The affected areas include Kharadar, Orangi Town and New Karachi where several people were shot dead and many wounded. Also on Friday, a grenade attack reportedly occurred in Karachi’s BhimPura area, leaving three dead and many injured. The latest fatalities brought the total number of deaths in Karachi to 88 in the past four days. - Photos by agencies

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gobin Jul 08, 2011 03:14pm
allah protect this country
Hassan Raza Jul 08, 2011 08:28pm
Allah Pakistan Per Reham Kary (Ameen)
Kashif Jul 08, 2011 09:14pm
It's not up to Allah to protect the country. Its the duty of the citizenry. Why is it always up to someone else to fix the problems or be the cause of the problems of this country? Its because of foreign countries that we have such and such problem or its Allah's will. Stop it! Stop with the victim mentality.
Wasit Jul 08, 2011 09:15pm
This is not random violence. There might be a purpose behind it to distract attention from two major inquiries being held against the Army and ISI.
sunny Jul 08, 2011 11:03pm
Oh GOD please instill humanity and sanity in the hearts and minds of Murderers.
ac Jul 08, 2011 11:20pm
you may be right. But are not we willing to accept it and face what ever happens to we citizens. Do we not tolerate the ignorance of our rulers and still accept them to rule us? Pitty, we dont want to change, we dont want to get rid of our leaders, we as a nation can not create a honest leadership. We will keep facing the same and blaming others for the chaos we are responsible for it.
Brooklyn Jul 09, 2011 12:04am
...yeah looks like the Good Lord has abandoned Pakistan... I find it difficult to see how and when this conflict wills stop...
Amir Khan Jul 09, 2011 02:09am
Oh Allah Please protect me from Pakistan. I dont want to go back!
john dahodi Jul 09, 2011 02:15am
Looking to the worst condition of Pakistan and killings and burning in Karachi, the founding father; Mohammedali Jinnah must be crying in his grave. Pakistanis have miserably failed him and his dream. If Jinnah would have controlled his emotion, 160 million Muslims of Pakistan would have better lives staying with India.
Asif Jul 08, 2011 11:47pm
There maybe foreign hand involved, but it is our fingers that are pulling the triggers, we have to ask how did we let ourselves be corrupted like that?
Anand Jul 09, 2011 05:03am
A people cannot be intolerant and hateful towards its minorities without the same violence being visited on all. There will be equality under the law for all, or peace for none. Pakistan cannot discriminate under the law with the least of its citizens and be expected to be at peace with itself or the world. We are all minorities when intolerance and hatred iare concerned.
Mustafa Jul 09, 2011 09:20am
Only army & ISI if properly used can protect Karachities. Otherwise these ethnic group will fight & destroy every thing. Instance Justice by killing terrorists arrested can now only satisfy mourners.
Asif Jul 09, 2011 02:13pm
If our so-called leaders happen to have UK or US nationality, if their all assets including their families are abroad , if there is a rampant corruption from top to bottom and which is beyond imagine, if every political party happens to have a big fighting militia, then i afraid this will continue to happen. Allah dose not help those who help themselves my friends. It’s time to wake up and do something.
AW Jul 09, 2011 02:31pm
Whoever, party, non party, hired killers, typical sponsored groups. The point is , a dawn reporter can go that close to culprits risking his life, why law-enforcing force can't?? This gives one clear conclusion, i.e. Either these killings are sponsored by government or they are vital part of it! Any other conclusions? If you recall early 2010, blast, killings, shop burning etc. on MUHARRAM ( CHALISWAN) procession, M.A Jinnah road Karachi ! Culprits were caught on cameras and were apprehended vai NADRA records/ Photo IDs..but THEY ALL WERE RELEASED!! WHY? Either these events are sponsored by government or they are vital part of it! Any other conclusions?
ARUP KRISHNA SAHA Jul 09, 2011 03:35pm
Innocent people are getting killed. I do not know if religion, sect or anything is more important that the helpless sobs of orphaned children! let us all unite. let us all be human. Let us love each other and wipe of all tears from the innocents's faces.
Jameel Akhtar Jul 09, 2011 03:37pm
Govt. must bring Army in Karachi to carry out operation not in a single area but in whole karachi to make the karachi weapon free zone. Being a citizen of Karachi I will request to Cheif justice of Pakistan to take sou moto action and order to Govt. to deploy Army in Karachi. I will also request every citizen of Pakistan be unit as a Pakistani. First we are all Muslim than pakistani after that we are Sindhi, Panjabi, Pathan (Pastoon), Balochi, urdu speaking, etc.
irfan khan Jul 09, 2011 04:24pm
karachi the backbone of our economy the city that is conspicuous by its beauty of ethnic diversity and rich cultural heritage has sent waves of shocks in the rest of country with its recent petrifying violence. i visited mosque here in peshawar for JUMA NAMAZ where IMAM SAHEB prayed for the peace of Karachi . all the participants showed great sorrow for the recent killings in karachi that shows how every Pakistani is concerned about the grisly situation in karachi. every rational soul demands the three political forces of karachi to feel mercy for the innocent who are being crippled in thier egoistic and stupefying tug of war. the country is already under great strains from outward political developments and financial crisis coupled with internal terrorism .for heavens sake if our leaders feel an iota of belonging to this unfortunate country then please come to table talks to settle the differences peacefully.
Z sidiki Jul 09, 2011 07:54pm
My heart bleeds for Karachi- the city I lived for many year. I hope that reason, rationale and love for humanity will prevail.
snapper Jul 09, 2011 10:06pm
Watch the movie Gangs of New york - similar/ worse violence was happening in new york just a 100 years ago - pakistan will survive ....
Kharal Jul 10, 2011 12:23am
Peace can prevail if it Karachi is made a weapon free city in all terms and honest efforts only can help to achieve this task within coming weeks
Munir Nabi Khan Jul 10, 2011 12:46am
What one can say about situation of Karachi expect a bucher house. See the faces of children and families of killed persons. Who will take cara of Thames. For God sake stop stop and stop these voilences. Let the people live with peace. They are Pakistani and love Pakistan from where ever they belong.
asdf Jul 10, 2011 09:58am
Kass Pakistan was not created based on the religion factor. To be the peaceful country, you should be secular. Like India they declared their country as a Secular country and trying their best keep it as well. Look at India now, all over India you see peace and harmony. On other side in Pakistan you see hate on the name of religion , killing innocent people on the name of religion who kill every day uncountable people. If you teach your child to hate people other then your own religion then he will become hateful person when he will be young. Just image if all do the same what will the situation. Respect to minorities including Hindus, Sikh and Christians in Pakistan is missing.