Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah. — Photo by APP

ISLAMABAD: The Upper House of the Parliament on Wednesday adopted a unanimous resolution, condemning the statement of Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah against Babar Awan.

The House also demanded the Punjab government to remove Sanaullah from his current post and take disciplinary action against him.

The resolution moved by Opposition Leader in the Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri stated that this House moves a unanimous resolution on the statement of the Punjab Law Minister in which he had said that Senator Babar Awan was liable to be murdered.

The Resolution said that if Awan was harmed in any way then all the responsibility would fall on the Punjab Government.

Senators from the treasury and opposition benches taking part in the debate condemned the statement of the Punjab Law Minister and called for a unanimous resolution against it.

Senator Salahuddin Dogar while condemning the statement of Sanaullah said that PPP was not afraid of such statements as it was the party of Shuhada. He said that being the law minister Sanaullah was not aware of the law.

Senator Hafiz Abdur Rashid said that giving decrees against a Muslim that he is liable to death itself comes in the definition of infidelity.

Gul Mohammad Lat said that the culture of tolerance is a must in politics and demanded of Punjab government to remove Sanaullah from his post. Senator Haseeb Khan demanded the government that the matter is of very sensitive nature and proper security should be provided to Awan from today onwards.

Law Minister Maula Baksh Chandio said that criticizing the Punjab government is the political right of Awan as he is an important member of PPP. He said that every citizen has the right to speech and writing.

He said that the leadership of PML-N should have taken a notice of it as to instigate someone is itself a criminal offence. The politics of revenge will damage the democratic process in the country, he added. Senator and Chairman 18th Amendment Implementation Commission, Raza Rabbani said that the whole society is heading towards brutalization and political differences are being resolved through law of the jungle which is a dangerous trend.

The behavior of law enforcing agencies, usurping the rights of women, parading a woman naked on the streets reflects the direction our society is going towards.

“We are heading towards a state within a state which itself is going to crumble,” the Senator said. He said that this is the time for the nation to awaken and realize that brutalization of society leads towards total destruction. He said Mian Nawaz Sharif should take notice of Sanaullah's statement.

Condemning the statement by Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah, Senator Babar Ghouri said that nobody has the right to award decree that such and such person was liable to be murdered (Wajb-ul-Qatl).

Senator Zahid Khan said that the statement shows that the Punjab Law Minister has links with terrorists who used to give such statements while Senator Shabbir Khan said that awarding decrees was the job of Ulema so a strong protest should be launched against this act.

Senator Kulsum Perveen also demanded that Sanaullah should be removed from his post while Madam Syeda commented that it seems as if the Punjab Law Minister has links with terrorists.

Azam Swati said that the statement breached the privilege of the Upper House while Kazim Khan said that the statement should be studied more deeply instead of taking it just as a threat.

Mir Israr Ullah Zehri, Wali Badani, Soleh Shah Rehmat Kakar, Tahir Mashadi and Khalid Somroo also condemned the act, saying that if anything happens to Awan and he is injured or hurt, Sanaullah should be held responsible.



Updated 21 May, 2022

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