June 12, 2011


“Zardari asked for financial and development assistance from NATO countries, adding with a rhetorical flourish that ‘you don't have to love me as much as AIG, but love me closer to that.’”

- Representative to US mission to NATO John Heffern, cable dated June 24, 2009

“Without commenting on the efficacy of alleged U.S. drone attacks, Gilani argued that such incidences were public relations windfalls for the militants.  The militants always arrived at a site before official forces, buried the actual targets, but left women and children victims out for media coverage. “

- US Ambassador Anne Patterson, cable dated April 16, 2009

“Representative Giffords asked [Interior Minister Rehman] Malik whether he had information about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. Malik responded that he ‘had no clue,’ but added that he did not believe that Bin Laden is in the area. Bin Laden sent his family to Iran, so it makes sense that he might have gone there himself, Malik argued. Alternatively, he might be hiding in Saudi Arabia or Yemen, or perhaps he is already dead, he added.”

- Patterson, cable dated September 10, 2009

“JUI-F is dangerous because it is good at ‘deceit.’  At least Jamaat-i-Islami, [ANP Senator Afrasiab Khattak] observed, is consistent in its support for militants.”

- Peshawar Principal Officer Lynne Tracy, cable dated May 25, 2009