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THIS refers to the killing of a young man by Rangers in Karachi. Not so long ago we believed we had at the very least a ‘right to trial’. We still thought that among severely dysfunctional government there is still a hope for some justice.

But recent contributions made by some personnel of Pakistan Rangers have proved this belief wrong.

It can now rightly be assumed that the next person, among us, facing an automatic weapon of these men in uniform would be awarded a death sentence without trial or any contribution from the justice system.

Since when do these men under the oath to protect Pakistanis from foreign and domestic enemies have been given the privilege to become a threat to domestic security.

Ironically, we now not only have to fear masked terrorists, cellphone snatchers, robbers, land-grabbers, kidnappers or target killers but also the men deputed to protect us.

Let the citizens beware there is a new gang of target killers in the country. They do not need a mask and fear cameras. It seems they have a licence to kill and they intend to use it.

We can only hope that while patrolling our streets they have safety locks of their weapons on and no one would have to face the wrath of Rangers.

We can only hope for some accountability of their actions and only hope they can understand the true enemy better.


Ghastly incident

On June 8 when Rangers killed an unarmed young man in cold blood, though he was begging for his life when he was being cruelly dragged.

According to the law, one is innocent till proven guilty. If Pakistan has any rule of law, then Article 9 of the Constitution of Pakistan says: “No person shall be deprived of life or liberty, save in accordance with law.”

The role of the police in the Sialkot incident, that of the FC in Kharotabad and now the Rangers’ ruthlessness in Karachi raised only one question which is: are these our security forces?

They are given guns to protect us, not to kill us.

When dealing with people, they should remember that they are dealing with humans not animals. Since peace and justice are two sides of the same coin, I ask the honourable judges , whoever this case will be brought to, to please provide justice at its earliest.

Here I would like to quote Martin Luther King, Jr: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As it is a matter of state reputation and human rights, we, therefore, expect justice will be provided to the victim’s family soon.


Speedy justice needed

THE tragic killing of a youth at the hands of some Rangers personnel in Karachi, whose video and pictures have been released by the media, reminds of the barbarism of the Mongols who were fond of building towers of opponents’ skulls.

Time has changed, and now events are shaping up differently. Today we are being robbed by the police and killed by our defenders. The ghastly incident has sent shockwaves.

What for do we train these mental midgets? They have no sense of responsibility. They kill at will. Thanks to technology, these unlawful killings in Karachi and Kharotabad are recorded on camera as authentic and certified evidence.

The man who killed the young boy must be punished, along with his associates, through proceedings under the anti-terrorism court within a fortnight so that such trigger-happy men in uniform learn a lesson.


Judicial probe

IT seems that there is no rule of law in Pakistan. The concept of might is right is prevailing. If the deceased was a culprit, then there should have been an inquiry. We do have a judicial mechanism which is working.

On the one hand, law enforcement agencies are involved in extrajudicial killings such as the Kharotabad incident and, on the other hand, when they see a crime being committed, they act like zombies.

As a citizen of Pakistan, I strongly condemn this brutal act. There must be a judicial probe into the incident.

If such acts are not countered, then the day is not far off when our country will also become Sudan or a failed state.


Lawless jungle

THIS refers to the news report ‘Man dies in point-blank shooting by Rangers’ (June 9). The extra-judicial killing by some personnel belonging to the Rangers is strongly condemned by civil society and all the quarters.

The unlawful act is the reflection of ‘jungle rule’ where might is right. Besides, such killings by law enforcement agencies give birth to uncertainty and frustration.

As a result, social disorder is created in society. It is, therefore, requested that the director-general of Rangers investigate the case and bring the culprits to book.