LAHORE, April 10: The ongoing war against terror and the US drone attacks have claimed lives of hundreds of innocent civilians and the Pakistani Army, encouraged and funded by the US, has launched murderous counter-insurgency campaigns in the northwest areas of the country, displacing millions. “The US has also placed itself at the head of the counter-revolutionary offensive in the Middle East and North Africa, doing its utmost to roll back the heroic, popular revolt against the dictators on whom its power had so long depended,” the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) media secretary said at a protest demonstration against Nato forces for the 10-year long US sponsored war on terror at Regal Chowk on Sunday.

The rally was held by various civil society and leftist organisations. Mr Tariq said that after drowning Iraq and Afghanistan in blood, western imperialism had sunk its fangs into Libya.

“Like a wild beast that smells the scent of its prey from a distance, it has seized upon the rebellion in Libya to stay there for long time in future,” he added.

He said attempts by America, Britain and France to portray the bombardment on Libya as humanitarian act were totally fraudulent.

Saudi Arabia sent its troops to crush the protestors of Bahrain and the US and NATO forces here silently watched, or rather, covertly assisted their ally.

“So why the US attacked on Libya? The answer is oil,” he pointed out.

Farooq Tariq said “America and NATO are visiting the same destruction on Libya as they did in Iraq. However, in Iraq they launched a full invasion and in Libya, they are pursuing other methods -- by assisting collaborators within Libya itself.”

He demanded that Pakistan immediately stop the supplies of NATO forces to Afghanistan besides closing down all military bases given to the US army and stopping the drone attacks.

The activists of the Labour Party Pakistan, the Awami Party, the Workers Party Pakistan, the Revolutionary Socialist Movement, the National Students Federation, the National Trade Union Federation, the Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee and the Awami Jamoori Forum participated in the rally.

The protesters, carrying placards and banners, also chanted slogans against the US and NATO forces. Meanwhile, Mr Farooq Tariq told this reporter that similar rallies were also staged in Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar and Hyderabad. — Staff Reporter