Tips: Wonderful vinegar


You know it’s great for cooking with; turns out vinegar is a near-magic ingredient to clean with as well. Here are just some ways you can use it around the house.

Rub gently on glass surfaces, mirrors and crystal ware then wash off with water to make them gleam.

Water rings on glass-top tables? Simply rub with white vinegar and leave overnight. Most water stains disappear.

To clean kitchen counters and tiles, mix baking powder with white vinegar into a runny paste. Apply to surfaces. Wash off after 10 minutes with soapy water, and there you have it — a sparkling kitchen with minimum elbow grease.

Pour one cup baking soda and two cups white vinegar into the drain of the sink. After 15 minutes, flush with hot running water. Not only will it clear the drain but will remove all odours as well.

To clean stubborn food stains from inside microwave oven, mix half cup water with half cup white vinegar. Place in oven and heat for two minutes or till it comes to a boil. Curry and food splatters will become easier to wipe clean.

To clean window blinds, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and warm water. Wear old cotton gloves or socks on the hands. Dip in the solution and run your hands over the blinds horizontally.

To remove stubborn labels or price tags, dip a small rag in white vinegar. Place over label overnight. Label will peel off easily.

Prolonged use makes babies’ feeding bottles look cloudy. Fill the bottles with diluted vinegar solution. Keep for an hour then rinse; the bottles will shine like new.

Wooden chopping boards should be cleaned with vinegar regularly, especially if they are used to cut meat. Vinegar will remove the odour and keep the surface relatively germ free.

If your showerhead is clogged with rust, drench a piece of cloth in vinegar, scrunch into a ball and tape to showerhead. Cover with a plastic bag, keep overnight and the clogged holes will clear up by the next day.