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Myth and mystery: Did giants ever walk the earth?

October 23, 2010

The oldest legends and fairytales often speak of huge men and women who were much bigger and taller in size than us and present them as reclusive creatures living in or around mountains, sometimes fiercely fighting or devouring humans. The legends are not only the realm of storybooks but also of most prehistoric and religious texts. Ancient Greek history records are full of giants and of those heroes, like Hercules, David and Goliath, etc., who fought and killed giants with bravery. One wonders how accurate are these historical and ancient legends. First of all, let’s see if there is any tangible proof in these extraordinarily large humans and whether any serious research can be done on the subject to separate fact from fiction.

The most popular accounts of giants in history have been recorded by the Sumerian civilisation (in early Bronze Age). Interestingly, as found on the carvings and statues, the Sumerians regarded these giants their kings or gods, possessing both physical and intellectual powers. According to the Babylonian tablets, these kings possessed detailed knowledge of the solar system.

This brings us to the question as to where these giants came from. The ancient people called them gods, like Tritons, Hercules, Poseidon and many others, and they were believed to have come on arks or ships and had survived a ‘Great Flood’.

According to scientists, the first humans might have been giants because before the ‘Great Flood’, the atmospheric conditions on Earth were suitable for much larger humans with much longer lives. And according to the Discovery channel, environmental scientist, Dr Carl Baugh and his team — who conducted a biosphere experiment replicating the atmosphere and ozone layer around the Earth before the Great Flood — the species of fish that they experimented on grew to a much larger size when born under the ancient atmospheric conditions. This theory justifies the large stature of prehistoric creatures. And since scientists still do not agree on when humans first existed, they could have been walking the Earth as giants in prehistoric times.

According to scouts sent out by Moses, his men came back reporting that the place they went to was inhabited by men of huge stature in front of whom they felt like ‘grasshoppers’. They went further towards what we now know as Petra in Jordan and found that it was too full of giants.

This brings us to what archaeologists now think about most of the huge megalithic ruins around the world. Why would people construct such huge living quarters and how would they move the stones weighing several hundred tonnes? The answer, either they possessed technology that we have no knowledge of or they were so huge and powerful that they had no problem building these structures.

The mummified remains of giants dating back to thousands of years have also been found, varying in height from seven feet to 13 feet. Most of these excavations were done in the 1800s. Also, according to author of Genesis 6 Giants, Stephen Quale, underground tunnel dwellings have been found with giant skeletons all over South America, the Middle East and the Pacific Northwest of America. Huge structures are found all over Europe and the United Kingdom, with anthropologists and researchers speculating that they point towards giants or men of huge stature as their builders.

In 1891, some workers digging for a new building in Arizona, US, struck a huge stone coffin, the opening of which showed a skeleton nine feet tall, which had turned to almost dust. Then in 1883, some soldiers digging a pit in California came across the remains of a 12-feet tall giant with double rows of teeth in lower and upper jaws. These are just a few examples that researchers have given of many giants’ bodies that have been unearthed but were so ancient that most of them had turned to dust when removed from their burial places.

Now the question is if they existed on earth, where did they go? Well, either they went the same way as the dinosaurs and became extinct due to atmospheric conditions, or they fought fierce battles and killed each other, as some historians state, or they became cruel and hungry for power and wealth, like so many other civilisations of past generations, that htey anihilated themselves.