FAISALABAD, May 25: Unhygienic chilled syrups have become a necessary evil for people working under the blazing sun.

A survey conducted by this correspondent revealed shopkeepers and vendors had been without check selling colourful syrups with saccharine galore. Bus and wagon stands, gardens, commercial centres, railway station and other congested places in the district have become permanent spots for sale of such drinks.

The sellers offer a glass of syrup for Rs5 to 10, posing silent health hazards to the consumers. Commuters at bus stops are the frequent buyers of contaminated water as the government has never bothered to install electric coolers on roads.

Children of tender age can be seen selling cold water in empty cans of mobil oil and other lubricants at public places for Rs2 a glass.

Tehsil municipal administration’s food inspectors and health department officials have been playing the roles of silent spectators as they allegedly take bribe from vendors.

Scores of shopkeepers have been selling ice cream, juices and other milk and butter products injurious to human consumption. In some localities, these sellers have extended their shops from five to 10 feet closer to roads. However, encroachment teams have so far failed to catch these encroachers.

Social circles have urged Punjab Governor Lt-Gen Khalid Maqbool (retired) to take stock of the situation and check the sale of adulterated syrups without delay.