PESHAWAR, March 8: The Pakistan People’s Party has said the provincial coalition government will employ all available options to end the ongoing lawlessness and restore rule of the law and peace in violence-hit parts of the province.

Talking to Dawn here on Saturday, provincial PPP president Rahimdad Khan said the NWFP was not only a poor and a backward province, but it had also faced the problem of lawlessness after the 10-year-long war against the Soviets and then the civil war in Afghanistan. He said permanent uncertain conditions in Afghanistan and the influx of refugees had robbed the province of infrastructure and resources.

He said the PPP would make names of its minister public after the oath-taking of MPAs-elect, election of the chief minister, speaker and deputy speaker. He said the PPP was not violating any parliamentary traditions by not announcing names of its ministers. “We are going to form a politically stable coalition, which will work for strengthening of democracy and well-being of people,” he added.

He denied his party was having difficulty in choosing ministers. “The main issue is how to set up a coalition in the province. We have done that without any hindrance,” he added.