Disney's Aladdin all set to premier in Pakistan

Disney has signed a licensed agreement with United Studios under special arrangement with Musical Theater International.
Published December 26, 2022

The good days of the entertainment industry continue as Disney, for the first time, is making its way to Pakistan in a licensed agreement with United Studios, under special arrangement with Musical Theater International.

After successful runs of comic and stand up comedy performances across Lahore in the past years, United Studios is now bringing the biggest theatrical spectacle of the year.

While revival of an art form such as theater is a farsighted goal, the team behind the production feels that bringing a classic musical like Disney’s Aladdin would not only garner a new following but also attract people back to a simpler yet grand form of storytelling.

One of the main reasons behind choosing Disney’s Aladdin was the fantastical storyline, iconic music and the grandeur of the tales of the Arabian Nights setting.

The production not only should act as a beacon of hope for theater enthusiasts but can potentially open doors for more international productions to come to Pakistan. Lahore being a center of culture and arts for centuries is a city that has always loved entertainment, making the play an attraction for the whole family.

It is a dream come true for everyone involved with Disney Aladdin from cast to director, music, choreography, production, partners as well as sponsors.

Dawn Media Group and CityFm89 are exclusive media and radio partners respectively, while Daftarkhawn is the co-working partner and bookme the ticketing partner of Disney Aladdin.

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