PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa transport department has moved a case for the provincial government’s approval to set up a special unit for the effective enforcement of laws in transport sector.

Details available with Dawn show that the transport department has proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1969, to provide for the constitution of the transport enforcement unit (TEU).

The proposed structure of the TEU provides for the hiring of a chief transport enforcement officer (BPS-18), senior transport enforcement officer (BPS-17) and transport enforcement officer (BPS-16). Besides, it will also include head transport warden and transport warden.

The TEU will be empowered to impose fines on challan book or electronic device on violators of for offences/penalty related to transport as specified in twelfth schedule of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965.

Moves case on matter for approval

It will also be responsible for to check supervise fare rates of motor vehicles/transport vehicles. In addition, it will enforce the government’s policies on passenger vehicles as well as goods transport.

The unit will also have powers to take action against illegal bus stops, inspect addas, bus stands, implementation of transport related SOPs issued by the department and keeping check on passenger traffic within a district.

Also, the TEU will have powers to act against illegal means of transportation on roads.

According to the proposed amendment, the TEU will be a uniformed force and will also carry arms.

On the other hand, the KP transport department has hired 11 motor mobile patrolling officers (MMPIs) for the purpose of enforcement of transport department’s related laws and rules.

The posts of MMPI and sub-inspectors were transferred to the transport department from police earlier in 2004. However, in 2020, the transport department hired nine MMPIs and two sub-inspectors through the KP Public Service Commission.

Earlier the transport department tried to get these personnel enrolled for training at the Police Training College Hangu; however, after being cold shouldered by the police, approached the National Highway and Motorways Police.

Currently, these MMPIs are undergoing training with the NH&MP.

In addition, the department, to empower MMPIs to fine and challan traffic law violators on the spot, has proposed an amendment to Section 116-A of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965. The traffic police will not be required to accompany the officials of the department for challan and fine.

KP director (transport) Fahad Ikram Qazi told Dawn that the department had moved a case to the provincial government of give a go-ahead to the unit.

He said once the case was approved, the department would move a case for appointments to the TEU.

Mr Qazi said the unit was direly required for the enforcement of all transport-related activities.

He said though the department’s 11 MMPIs were undergoing training at the NHMP, setting up a proper TEU with full force and hierarchy was direly needed.

The director said in order to ensure efficient enforcement in the transport sector, the directorate of transport came up with the idea to expand the slots of few MMPI’s into a full-fledged TEU, having a hierarchy-based uniformed force across the province.

He also said several other reforms had been carried out, including issuance of smart card for LTV and HTV (also connecting it with Nadra for real-time verification of the applicants) issuance of international driving licences.

“We have also moved to the modern computer-based application for issuing fitness certificates to vehicles,” he said.

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2022



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