Covid frustrations

Published January 21, 2022

LIVING with the pandemic has been a frustrating, exhausting experience for the world at large. We are all still learning about the virus, its variants, the vaccines and how to live with the pandemic till the scientific community finds an effective solution.

While the government was considerate enough to make adjustments for students of various grades studying in various streams, it is surprising and disappointing that medical students have found no one to seek help from. If anything, their life has been made even tougher during the pandemic.

Examinations used to be tough, but have been made tougher. Likewise, paper-checking used to be tough, but has been made tougher. Universities are forcing the students to repeat a whole year for minor reasons. Apparently, everyone thinks medical students have remained completely untouched by the miseries, anguish and frustration caused by the pandemic.

The attitude has caused the medical students an extreme level of stress and anxiety, pushing many of them into the domain of clinical depression. If someone commits suicide under the circumstances, will anyone take notice?

We, the students, have tried for almost half-a-year now to convince the relevant authorities because we have logical and technical arguments against the manner in which Karachi’s third best public-sector medical university, associated with the largest government hospital in the city, is conducting its affairs. I am honestly at a loss for words with the way we have been treated.

It takes a lot of hard work to get into a medical college, and the studies are no walk in the park. Nobody would contest that much. We really need someone to hear what we have to say, and help us save a year.

Name withheld on request

Published in Dawn, January 21st, 2022


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