LAHORE: The Punjab government has identified public sector company Lahore Parking Company (LePark) as the worst performer as it failed on all parameters, scoring only seven out of 100 marks on the provincial performance scale.

The company inspected by the Special Monitoring Unit (SMU) on the directions of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has been “flagged red” on all indicators as it failed to perform any of its assigned duties, earning displeasure warnings by the provincial chief executive last week.

The SMU had reported that the company had failed to expand the number of parking sites or enforce standards on existing sites. The company lacked qualified human resources to develop and execute a robust business plan.

The SMU report stated that the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL) had failed to provide adequate oversight and ownership of the company. The company had also been unable to invest in technological solutions to digitise its operations. The monitoring unit also observed that the company after paying share to MCL from its revenues, was left with insufficient capital to invest in growth.

LTC, PLDDB, FPC also ‘flagged red’

LTC: The Lahore Transport Company (LTC) has also been determined as a “worst performer” as it secured only 23 marks out of 100 marks scale – far less than even passing marks, if educational examination standards are taken as a benchmark.

The SMU in its report stated that the LTC was not operating any buses and all its notified routes were non-operational. It reported that the company was highly dependent on government fiscal handouts and was unable to recover its expenditures.

The monitoring unit stated that no feasibility study or viability assessment had been undertaken for its existing and planned routes. It reported that most senior management positions were filled on additional charge/ad hoc basis. The company’s engagement with stakeholders such as the PPP Authority was also found weak. It had an overlapping mandate with the Punjab Transport Authority, creating administrative and fiscal confusion.

PLDDB: The Punjab Livestock & Dairy Development Board has also been “flagged red” as it could score only 28 out of 100 marks.

The SMU reported that the company’s mandate to facilitate farmers in production, processing and marketing of commodities through modern infrastructure and farming, remained an unfulfilled task.

The company was unable to decrease cost of milk production or improve the output and quality of beef.

The monitoring unit reported that the company management remained unable to appoint key leadership and board of directors. The Punjab livestock and dairy development department’s ownership and oversight of the company also remained weak.

FPC: The Faisalabad Parking Company has also earned “worst performer” remarks as it also scored 28 out of 100 marks.

As per the SMU monitoring report, the FPC did not undertake any credible study to assess the parking potential of Faisalabad. The company’s reported parking revenue was considerably lower than its potential as it was found providing free-of-cost parking to public events. The monitoring unit stated that the FPC was lacking a credible business plan for the expansion and digital enhancement of parking services.

Published in Dawn, December 31st, 2021



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