PESHAWAR: Noted artists from across the country and aboard gathered at the Governor’s House here on Saturday to celebrate the solo art exhibition of Karachi-based Qamar Siddiqui and discuss steps for the promotion of art and artist.

The event titled ‘Divine Realms’ was arranged under the auspices of the Governor’s House in collaboration with the Crescent Art Gallery (CAG) and National Artists Association of Pakistan’s (NAAP) KP chapter and was attended by Governor Shah Farman and artists from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and parts of KP.

The governor assured artists of the government’s all-out support for their development and asked visual artists to spread the message of peace and harmony and the country’s soft image.

He said the continuous war in the region fanned hate psychology, especially among youth, but they had acclimatised to the changing world through art and cultural activities.

Qamar Siddiqui’s artworks exhibited at Governor’s House

The organisers said the basic objective of the event was to create awareness and promote visual art locally and globally.

Shahzada Hayat, who led a delegation from the UK, appreciated the efforts of NAAP and Crescent Art Gallery for promoting visual art in his country for overseas Pakistanis and asked artists to strengthen efforts for the promotion of art and artists in Pakistan for a greater cause of spreading peace and harmony in the society.

He said art was a necessary and not luxury and that the visual art helped shape the outlook of the people.

“Art, in all its forms, changes physical, mental, aesthetic and social aspects of the people’s lives,” he said.

A panel discussion was held by artists, who highlighted the significance of art and culture, and the need for including art and culture in the education system. They said art, culture and tourism could be promoted through visual art.

Fifteen pieces of artworks by noted artist Qamar Siddiqui was displayed in the exhibition. They showcased landscapes, seascapes, prostrated figures, and calligraphy. The visitors took keen interest in them and appreciated them.

Senior artists and art promoters, supporters and fans attended the event.

KP representative at the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage Naeem Safi and provincial chief of the NAAP Ali Sajid was also present. Artist talk and folk dances were part of the event.

Three groups performed Kashmiri, Sindhi and Khattak folk dances getting applause from the participants.

Published in Dawn, December 19th, 2021



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