Published November 15, 2021

SPURIOUS DRUGS: According to a survey, almost 50 per cent of medicines marketed in the country are counterfeit drugs being sold to public. These drugs are manufactured mostly, but not exclusively, by unregistered companies. From the manufacturers to the wholesalers and down to the pharmacies, everyone makes massive and undue profit at the cost of the health of the consumers. One wonders how all this is possible when we have relevant bodies available to keep a check on such a thing.

Riaz Bhutta

COPY ARTISTS: Artists of today are more of ‘copy artists’ as they have lost their creativity and originality. Singers often use lyrics from old songs and create their own versions without giving due credit to the original singers and lyricists. This is a blatant violation of copyrights. Sadly, no one takes them to task for this unethical behaviour. A case in point is the latest song of Abrar ul Haq which is an amalgamation of four different songs sung and written by different people in the past. Who is to blame for this?

Bashaam Bachani

PAKISTANI DRAMAS: The Pakistani drama industry used to be one of the best, but is not even a shadow of its past. The media should bring issues of public importance to limelight. It should raise awareness and play a meaningful part in social growth. It is high time the writers and producers realised their responsibilities and used the medium effectively.

Abdul Qadir Morio

PROMOTING STEREOTYPES: While the world is breaking stereotypes and moving on, Pakistanis continue to live in their own bubble. Our fascination with the fair complexion knows no bounds. The national entertainment media is a big culprit in this regard as it keeps strengthening such stereotypes. We have failed to move with times and remain largely detached from reality. As a result, seemingly benign but insidious norms end up promoting toxic tendencies in society.

Ashraf Ahmed Shah

Published in Dawn, November 15th, 2021



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