THE Covid vaccination process is in full swing and the way the vaccine is being administered has earned praise and acknowledgement from all sections of society. Excellent arrangements made at vaccination centres are beyond the imagination of an ordinary citizen, and the credit goes to the departments concerned which have left no stone unturned to make this vaccination process hassle-free for all the citizens without any distinction.

Unfortunately, a section of society is so prone to corruption and wrongdoing that even a vaccination, which is now a matter of life and death, has not been spared, and people are trying to find shortcuts.

In one of the hospitals in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area, the moment one parks one’s car or enters the gates of the facility, the duty guards rush to offer the token number of one’s choice to avoid waiting. This act is obviously not free of cost.

This is a painful and a shameful act on the part of those involved in this heinous crime against humanity while being equal partner in this outrageous and atrocious act are those individuals who ‘buy’ these tokens instead of following the procedure outlined by the government.

They are not aware that they are committing a crime against humanity, and such an offence is unpardonable in all religions and societies of the world. There had been news on social media that some VIPs and their families got vaccinated out of turn, which was condemned by every Pakistani in strongest possible words. Some of those VIPs had the moral courage to apologise publicly.

Not only the VIPs are taking benefit of their position, but some private hospitals are also taking advantage of their status in society by getting their relatives, friends and acquaintances registered as health workers though they are not connected to the medical profession by any means.

Again, such acts are highly deplorable and regrettable. All such persons involved directly or indirectly in any wrongdoing in the vaccination process must be ashamed of themselves as while doing so they are committing an unforgivable sin against their fellow human beings.

The government cannot reach every vaccination centre to ensure fair distribution and administration of the vaccine, but at least the government departments concerned can apprehend those involved in ‘selling’ the token numbers and make them an example.

It is the duty of all citizens to refrain from practising any wrongdoing at least in these troubled times.

Aamir Aqil

Published in Dawn, May 4th, 2021


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