Reading habit

22 Nov 2020


READING is therapeutic. It opens up one’s mind to new ideas and enables one to think differently than the others. It would not be wrong to say that reading plays a key role in shaping up one’s decision-making abilities. It helps one learn the difference between the good and the bad.

Sadly, Pakistanis are not particularly known for their reading habits. The majority does not bother to read beyond textbooks, which is quite disappointing. By developing reading habits, not only can we lead better lives, but can also help the country prosper in the long run.

If you are someone who struggles to spend time with a book, start with two pages daily; one before you sleep and one after you wake up. Try to avoid using phone or watching the television when you read. You can also keep a book along with you and read whenever you have got free time.

You will be amazed how thinking patterns change and how personality improves with even a little effort.

Shabbir Ahmed Bezanjo

Published in Dawn, November 22nd, 2020