DACCA: A plane load of foreign journalists were yesterday [Nov 17] besieged by the homeless inhabitants of a small island at the mouth of the Ganges, almost wiped out by Friday’s cyclone, writes [an agency correspondent]. …

The plane was the first sign of outside aid to the people of this island, who for five days now have been virtually without food, water, shelter or medicaments. They swarmed over the debris-scattered beach, plunged into the sea towards the aircraft desperately begging for relief. At one point, up to their shoulders in the water, they grabbed hold of the plane’s wings, almost tipping it over.

But the plane carried no aid. The pressmen searched to see what they could offer, but the pilot advised that one could give to all — or to none at all. — Agency

[Meanwhile, as reported by an agency in Islamabad,] The Election Commission has made special arrangements for female voters, including Pardah observing ladies, for casting their votes in the forthcoming elections. … [T]here will be separate polling stations in urban areas, which will be manned by female staff exclusively. In rural areas, where there will be combined polling stations for males and females, the required number of booths will be reserved exclusively for female voters.

Published in Dawn, November 19th, 2020