LOWER DIR: Four persons of a family were killed and three others injured when unknown assailants attacked a vehicle in Serai Shah Alam Baba area in the jurisdiction of Ouch police station late on Friday night, residents and the police said.

They said the family of Wahab Gul was returning home in a car from a relative’s house when unknown armed men attacked the vehicle.

As a result, Wahab Gul, his wife Naureen, 29, his son Tufail Wajid, 7, and Mehran, 10, were killed on the spot, while Hajira, 48, her son Wahid Shah, 19, and Shaista, 20, were injured.

The family hailing from Shako area of Haya Serai had shifted to Shah Alam Baba area of Adenzai. The dead and the injured were taken to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Chakdara.

Akbar Khan, father of Wahab Gul, told the Ouch police that they had no enmity with anyone.

The police arrested four suspects after registering a case, and started further investigations.

Published in Dawn, November 8th, 2020