Misplaced priorities

06 Oct 2020


In recent days, Facebook in Pakistan was akin to a wrestling ring. It would have been thrilling had it not been for all the wrong reasons.

While, the thirst for technological advances and innovation is never-ending in the rest of the world, Pakistanis have other priorities. The public discourse here presents a worrisome picture.

The prominent issues begging attention are eclipsed by debates and quarrels on petty issues ranging from typical women clothing issues to the moral policing of women, sectarian conflicts, enmity with India and the West, conspiracy theories and religious extremism.

The list is ever-increasing. These futile arguments only breed further hate, violence and misogyny, etc. With such misplaced priorities, it is no wonder this country is nowhere near prosperity.

Hassan Abbas Shahani

Published in Dawn, October 6th, 2020