Promoting solar energy

02 Oct 2020


OWING to the severe power shortage prevailing in the country, most of the rural areas are facing long hours of loadshedding. Sometimes there is no electricity for 20 hours at a stretch. Even major cities are without electricity for long hours. To resolve the problem many rural areas in Sindh have started to rely on solar energy as a solution.

Solar energy is the cleanest and the most renewable energy source available in Pakistan. The best part is it has no harmful emissions like fossil fuels. The federal and provincial governments need to come up with assistance packages to help financially those who are taking an initiative and shifting to the use of solar energy using their own resources.

The government is also requested to launch solar energy projects in villages and small cities and provide subsidies to business and agricultural communities setting up solar energy projects.

Meher Azeem Hakro

Published in Dawn, October 2nd, 2020