HONG KONG: Chinese Premier Chou En-lai today [Sept 30] repeated China’s warning that the “threat of world war still exists”.

Premier Chou gave the warning in his speech at a banquet celebrating the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Republic, Radio Peking reported.

The Chinese Premier said the main trend of the world today towards “revolution” was a historical torrent which could not be resisted.

It was absolutely certain that the “Super Powers” attempts to partition the world and to dominate the destiny of human beings would not succeed, the Chinese Premier said.

Whatever struggle the “Super Powers” were making, they could not save themselves from failure, he said.

Referring to domestic affairs, Premier Chou En-lai said Chinese people were striving for fulfilment or overfulfilment of the national economy for 1970 and the Third Five-Year Plan which started in 1966. This would lay foundations for a Fourth Five-Year Plan.

Meanwhile, a joint editorial by the Peking People’s Daily, the Red Flag and the People’s Liberation Army Daily said that China was more vigorous than ever and that a new high tide was rising in its Socialist revolution and construction. — Agency

Published in Dawn, October 1st, 2020