IT is good, positive and encouraging to read tax collection figures are being discussed in the media. Indeed, it is the responsibility of every honest, sensible citizen and the nation as a whole to pay tax.

One of the most important segments of taxpayers is the salaried individual. These salaried individuals are the best taxpayers with almost no voice, protest or representation. They toil hard for eight to 12 hours daily to make both ends meet.

Some even work on holidays such as those in the healthcare sector. They pay their utility bills on time. They spend on education, health and on almost everything within the limit of their budget. Most of them are not defaulters and are law-abiding taxpayers.

When they lose their jobs, they are on their own without a single penny. There is no family support for them. No matter how many dependents one has and no matter how many senior citizens are among the dependents. They have to pay a huge amount in house rent to sustain their prestige.

They have to spend on travel for the job. They spend on medical treatment of their dependents. There is no relaxation in tax on the fixed salary for a person even if he/she has a disabled child.

My estimate is that the amount of tax is gradually increasing every year on fixed income of this salaried class, creating a larger financial crisis for them.

I urge the authorities concerned to pay attention and have mercy on this taxpayer class which has no voice.

A citizen

Published in Dawn, September 28th, 2020