Diplomatic Calendar


Abay Centre inaugurated

The Kazakhstan embassy inaugurated the Abay Centre as part of a celebration of the 175th anniversary of poet Abay Kunanbayev.

The centre will be accessible to students, journalists, scientists and experts who are interested in the work of the poet, his legacy and his role in the formation of modern Kazakh society.

Ambassador Akan Rakhmetullin said Kazakh President K. Tokayev attaches special importance to the celebration of the anniversary of the poet, the preservation of his spiritual heritage, because modern Kazakhstan society should develop in accordance with the spiritual guidelines of Abay, which remain relevant and in demand centuries later.

He said that the Abay Centre will share the latest findings, studies and opinions of experts to explore and study Kazakh culture.

In addition, Ambassador Rakhmetullin shared some ideas from the Kazakh president’s address to the people of Kazakhstan and his speech at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly. He also spoke about reforms and initiatives taken by the Kazakh government.

Saudi ambassador visits orphanage

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki visited Pakistan Sweet Home, an orphanage, where he was greeted by an honour guard by the children as he toured the hostel, school and mosque.

Ambassador Al-Maliki said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are like brothers, adding: “We always stand side by side in every difficult time with Pakistan, and this relationship will continue forever. I see doctors, engineers, army officers, lawyers and judges among these children. I am a volunteer of Pakistan Sweet Home and I support Pakistan Sweet Home as much as possible. And now I am part of the Pakistan Sweet Home team.”

Patron in chief of Pakistan Sweet Home Zamarud Khan thanked the ambassador and all the guests for their support. He said that the children of Pakistan Sweet Home had achieved excellent marks in matriculation and Pakistan Sweet Home has created the world’s first cadet college for these orphans.

Turkmen envoy opens exhibition

Ambassador of Turkmenistan Atadjan Movlamov inaugurated the Bexon Exhibition organised by the Handicrafts Association of Pakistan and Naqashee Art Gallery at the Aqs Art and Craft Village. The exhibition featured the work of renowned artist Qudsiya Liaquat.

Ambassador Movlamov, who is also dean of the Diplomatic Corps, said that art and culture depict the real essence of a nation and Pakistan is rich in cultural and fine art heritage due to its diversified social and cultural inheritance.

Handicrafts Association of Pakistan Chairman Fahad Barlas said that Qudsiya Liaquat has depicted the colours of life and the ambiance of natural beauty in her work, and has attracted viewers with her thought provoking art.

Qudsiya Liaquat expressed her gratitude to all those who had participated in the ceremony and appreciated her work. She said painting has a very old history and has always remained a focus of attraction for people.

Published in Dawn, September 28th, 2020