Pakistani Hindus death

27 Sep 2020


THE death of 11 Pakistani Hindus in Jodhpur, India, under mysterious circumstances must be raised by Pakistan forcefully with India and at various international platforms.

The alleged killing of innocent Pakistani Hindus by India’s ultranationalist right-wing elements can easily be attributed to the RSS-BJP regime’s stated hostility towards Pakistan.

The circumstantial evidences make it abundantly clear that the Indian state has failed to act to prevent the circumstances that led to the unfortunate death of Pakistani citizens. This is an unambiguous breach of international obligations and is a wrongful act committed by India against the Pakistani nationals.

Pakistan should invoke the principle of state responsibility and demand full reparation for the injury, both material and moral, from India. In this regard, our foreign office must seek restitution, compensation or satisfaction in case of non-compliance by India with its international obligations.

We must knock at the door of relevant international institutions in order to ensure speedy justice to the aggrieved families. Pakistan must act with utmost urgency to help the aggrieved families.

A Pakistani


Published in Dawn, September 27th, 2020