RAWALPINDI: The Government has decided to launch compulsory National Service Scheme under which all matriculates between the ages of 18 and 20 will be required to offer themselves for military training for a period of one year, says a Press note issued by the Ministry of Defence here today [Sept 26].

The National Service Scheme will initially be on the basis of selection.

The Government will soon promulgate the National Service Ordinance which will lay down the terms and conditions of service under the scheme.

Initially, there will be two pilot projects, one in East Pakistan and the other in West Pakistan. The scheme will be implemented in phases and future decisions regarding increase in the number of inductees, their training, etc, will be taken in the light of experience gained.

During the period of initial training, the entrants will be entitled to the facilities admissible to regular forces such as free messing, clothing, accommodation and medical treatment. In addition, they will receive monthly honorarium. They will not, however, be paid monthly salary. When mobilised, they will be eligible for the pay of the corresponding rank of the regular forces. Liability to service will terminate at the age of 35.

Published in Dawn, September 27th, 2020