ISLAMABAD: All members of the Pakistan Embassy staff in Amman and personnel of the Pakistan Military training mission stationed in southern Jordan are safe according to a message received here this morning [Sept 24]. Islamabad today had its first direct contact with its Embassy in Amman since the outbreak of fighting last week.

The message received from our Ambassador, Mr R.S. Chhatari … further revealed that the guerilla forces and the Government troops both have been showing respect for the Pakistan Embassy … Unlike the Embassies of most of the other countries, the Embassy and Ambassador’s residence have remained completely unguarded as before. The Embassy staff did not seek refuge anywhere … However, most of the buildings around Pakistan chancery have been destroyed or badly damaged.

The facts [disprove] the continued Indian propaganda calculated to bring Pakistan into disrepute. The … Indian publicity media and Indian diplomatic missions in the Arab world have … geared up a malicious propaganda campaign against Pakistan trying to create misunderstandings in Arab countries regarding the position of this country vis-à-vis Arab affairs — particularly the situation in Jordan.

Published in Dawn, September 25th, 2020