Unending misery

22 Sep 2020


AFTER news of the rape incident on the M-11 made the rounds on the social media, there was a hue and cry from the public over the tragedy. The people were quick in demanding public hanging of the culprits as a deterrent.

If history is any guide, capital punishment does not act as a deterrent rather it makes societies intolerable and vulnerable to violence. Besides, given the social fabric of Pakistan and our human rights image internationally, capital punishment is not even a last option.

The parliament must revisit our laws in this regard and make the necessary amendments. Most important, the proper and timely implementation of laws need no emphasis. Moreover, empowering women is the need of the hour. Scores of studies suggest that societies where women are empowered and stand right beside men are less prone to such appalling and excruciating incidents. Ergo, there is much on the table except for capital punishment.

Hassan Abbas

Published in Dawn, September 22nd, 2020