LONDON: India is coming round to Mr. Jinnah’s plan, suggests the New Delhi correspondent of … ‘The Observer’.

“Whatever plan Lord Wavell produces will have to tackle boldly the communal bugbear, or it will fall as dismally as did its forerunners.”

He says: “More and more the conviction is taking [hold] that vivisection is the only remedy for the country’s communal malady. This view is being openly, if rather fearfully, expressed for the first time even by many of those who have been the most persistent critics of Mr. Jinnah’s Pakistan policy since its inception.

“There is no doubt many in that Congress rank and file are beginning to despair of the prospects of attaining the Congress ideal of United Free India. “As Mr. Jinnah’s Muslim League following appears to have increased rather than decreased after the breakdown of the Simla parleys, realists in Congress ‘Inner Cabinet’ are, it is believed endeavouring to convert their colleagues to the idea of accepting Mr. Jinnah’s demand, repugnant and distasteful though it is, in the hope that Britain will sooner be disposed to give India independence.”

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2020