Qatar peace process

16 Sep 2020


THE Afghan people have faced war and tragedies for a long time, 41 years to be exact. They have pinned their hopes on the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government in Qatar. However, many Afghans particularly women have concerns.

The excesses committed by the Taliban against women during their 1996-2001 reign are still fresh in their memory. It is feared that a negotiated settlement rushed by Donald Trump may deprive Afghans of the hard-won achievements that they have accomplished in the past 19 years.

However, there is hope that the peace process will usher in a new era in Afghanistan. This hope won’t see the light of day without regional countries’ support. These nations should utilise the peace process in Afghanistan to their advantage and promote trade and other cooperation. Moreover, the Afghan nation needs to realise that they need to have an enlightened approach. Never was the need to reconstruct relations with neighbours been greater than it is now.

Suhail Khan Mandokhel
Zhob, Balochistan

Published in Dawn, September 16th, 2020