Karachi woes

16 Sep 2020


THE approach by the federal government to resolve the long-seething problems that beset Karachi with a lot of money, sounds good for a headline, but it is unlikely to make any difference to the city.

It is clear to most of those living in this city that the elected provincial government has not been able to create state institutions and a political structure to address the specific issues and is unlikely to do so. The remedy lies in creating and empowering the real representatives of local government in Karachi.

However, its ability to look after Karachi’s issues remains unacceptable to the provincial government. Hence, there is little to be hopeful about a solution to Karachi’s problems in the near future.

Such announcement were made in the past too but did nothing to help the people of Karachi.

Altaf Noor Ali

Published in Dawn, September 16th, 2020